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  • adopters/hi/branches/2.3/src/main/webapps/ibisph-view-content/xml/query/module/mort/MortCnty.xml

    r20687 r21075  
    55        <NAME>MortCnty</NAME>
    6         <TITLE>Mortality data</TITLE>
    7         <DESCRIPTION>Mortality by county</DESCRIPTION>
     6        <TITLE>Hawaii Death Data</TITLE>
     7        <DESCRIPTION>Deaths by county</DESCRIPTION>
    88        <VERSION>Sep 30, 2019</VERSION>
    99        <KEYWORDS>mortality, leading causes of death, age at death, ICD-10</KEYWORDS>
    7979                        </CRITERIA>
    8080                        <DATA_NOTES>
    81                                 <!-- Need to update for Hawaii
    82                                 <ibis:include href="data_note/NoGeoRes.xml"/>
    83                                 <ibis:include href="data_note/RedFlag.xml"/>
    84                                 <ibis:include href="data_note/ICD.xml"/>
    85                                 <ibis:include href="data_note/DeathDespair.xml"/>
    86                                 <ibis:include href="data_note/PopEst.xml"/>
    87                                 <ibis:include href="data_note/MapGuidance.xml"/>
    88                                 <ibis:include href="data_note/USDataWONDER.xml"/>
    89                                 -->
     81                                <ibis:include href="data_note/DeathCert.xml"/>
     82                                <ibis:include href="data_note/USData.xml"/>
    9083                        </DATA_NOTES>
    9184                        <DATA_SOURCES>
    9386                        </DATA_SOURCES>
    9487                        <DATA_ISSUES>
    95                                 <ibis:include href="data_issue/Mort.xml"/>
     88                                <ibis:include href="data_issue/DeathRecordExclude.xml"/>
    9689                        </DATA_ISSUES>
    9790                </CONFIGURATION>
  • adopters/hi/branches/2.3/src/main/webapps/ibisph-view-content/xml/query/module/mort/MortSelection.xml

    r20600 r21075  
    1414        <NAME>MortSelection</NAME>
    15         <TITLE>Mort Query Module</TITLE>
     15        <TITLE>Death Query Module</TITLE>
    1616        <DESCRIPTION>Mortality Query Modules</DESCRIPTION>
    1717        <ORG_UNIT_NAME>OHSM</ORG_UNIT_NAME> <!-- NEED TO UPDATE for Hawaii -->
    2626        <SECTIONS>
    2727                <SECTION><SHOW/>   <!-- permits this SECTION to be opened automatically -->
    28                         <TITLE>Mortality queries by state and other geographies</TITLE>
     28                        <TITLE>Death Queries By Geography</TITLE>
    2929                        <SELECTIONS>
    3030                                <SELECTION>
  • adopters/hi/branches/2.3/src/main/webapps/ibisph-view-content/xml/query/module/mort/data_source/Death.xml

    r19078 r21075  
    33<DATA_SOURCE name="Death">
    44        <NAME>Death</NAME>
    5         <TEXT>Office of Health Status Monitoring, Hawaii State Department of Health</TEXT>
     5        <TEXT>
     6                Hawaii State Department of Health, Office of Health Status Monitoring, Hawaii Health Data Warehouse, Vital Statistics Death Data."[Chart Title, appropriate years(s)]." Hawaii-IBIS Accessed on [Query Date Time Stamp].
     7        </TEXT>
    68        <SORT_ORDER>1</SORT_ORDER>
  • adopters/hi/branches/2.3/src/main/webapps/ibisph-view-content/xml/query/module/mort/overview/Mort.xml

    r19078 r21075  
    44        <TITLE>Overview</TITLE>
    55        <TEXT>
    6                 The mortality  data is composed of variables extracted from death certificates  as captured by the Hawaii State Department of Health, Office of Health Status Monitoring (OHSM). . Cell size restrictions are applied when ...
     6                Death record data is composed of variables extracted from death certificates based on deaths that occur in the State of Hawaii as captured by the Hawaii State Department of Health, Office of Health Status Monitoring (OHSM). Death certificates contain important information about the person who died and the date, time, location and cause of death. Cause(s) of death are determined by a physician, advanced practice registered nurse, medical examiner or coroner, and are coded and processed in accordance International Classification of Diseases, 10th Revision (ICD-10). {Optional: The ICD-10 codes are designed to promote international comparability in the collection, processing, classification and presentation of mortality statistics.  This process yields a single select cause of death known as the underlying cause of death, which is reported with other reported causes or non-underlying causes of death. Together these are known as the multiple causes of death}.  Death data can be viewed by the place where the data happened (place of occurrence) or by the place of residence of the decedent (Hawaii location, Other US, or International).
     7                <br/><br/>
     8                In accordance with policies of the OHSM, Hawaii data excludes all death records with HIV/AIDS (ICD-10: B20-B24, R75 or Z21) as the underlying or a non-underlying cause). To protect the privacy of the deceased, Cell size restrictions are applied when the numerator (number of deaths) is between 1 and 9. Double-blinding is used when a single cell is blinded within a table.
    710        </TEXT>
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