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updated hip frac & diab amp indicators

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  • adopters/nj/trunk/src/main/webapps/doh-shad-content/xml/indicator/profile/DiabAmp.xml

    r16914 r20030  
    99        <NUMERATOR>Number of lower extremity amputations among persons with diagnosed diabetes</NUMERATOR>
    1010        <DENOMINATOR>Estimated number of persons with diagnosed diabetes</DENOMINATOR>
    11         <DATA_SOURCE_DATE>08/14/2018</DATA_SOURCE_DATE>
     11        <DATA_SOURCE_DATE>03/13/2020</DATA_SOURCE_DATE>
    1212        <WHY_IMPORTANT>Individuals with diabetes are unable to effectively produce or use insulin. This can lead to changes in blood vessels and nerves in the lower extremities resulting in ulceration as well as amputation.  The World Health Organization estimates that 80% of all diabetic foot amputations can be prevented with proper diabetes management and care.</WHY_IMPORTANT>
    1414        <OTHER_OBJECTIVE_DESCRIPTION>'''Healthy New Jersey 2020 Objective DM-2''':  Reduce the rate of lower extremity amputations per 1,000 persons with diagnosed diabetes to 2.4 for the total population, 2.5 among Whites, 4.3 among Blacks, 1.3 among Hispanics, and 0.5 among Asians.</OTHER_OBJECTIVE_DESCRIPTION>
    15         <WHAT_DOING>Lower Extremity Amputation Prevention (LEAP) is a comprehensive program that can dramatically reduce lower extremity amputations in individuals with Hansen's disease or any condition that results in loss of protective sensation in the feet. The five-step program promotes annual foot screenings, patient education, daily self inspection, footwear selection, and management of simple foot problems as key prevention measures for avoid amputation.</WHAT_DOING>
    16         <OTHER_PROGRAM_INFORMATION>US Department of Health and Human Services' LEAP Program:
    17 [https://www.hrsa.gov/hansens-disease/leap/index.html]</OTHER_PROGRAM_INFORMATION>
    1815        <ORG_UNIT_NAME>Diabetes</ORG_UNIT_NAME>
    1916        <OWNER_USER_ID>mbaron</OWNER_USER_ID>
    2017        <STATUS_CODE>A</STATUS_CODE>
    21         <STATUS_DATE>08/15/2018</STATUS_DATE>
     18        <STATUS_DATE>03/13/2020</STATUS_DATE>
    2219        <NOTE>1998-2010 data provided by Bretta and added by MLB on 3/26/14
    23202011-2013 data: numerator from Yong, denominator from Ken, calculated and entered by MLB 8/17/16
    2623        <SORT_ORDER>295</SORT_ORDER>
    2724        <ACTIVE_FLAG>x</ACTIVE_FLAG>
    28         <MODIFIED_DATE>08/15/2018</MODIFIED_DATE>
     25        <MODIFIED_DATE>03/13/2020</MODIFIED_DATE>
    2926        <MODIFIED_DESCRIPTION>Status changed by: mbaron</MODIFIED_DESCRIPTION>
    30         <PUBLISHED_DATE>08/17/2018</PUBLISHED_DATE>
     27        <PUBLISHED_DATE>03/13/2020</PUBLISHED_DATE>
    3128        <HEALTHY_PEOPLE_OBJECTIVE name="D-4">
    3229                <NAME>D-4</NAME>
    7067                        <TITLE>Lower Extremity Amputations Among Persons with Diagnosed Diabetes,</TITLE>
    7168                        <SUB_TITLE>by Race/Ethnicity, New Jersey,</SUB_TITLE>
    72                         <PERIOD_TITLE>2011-2016 (HNJ2020)</PERIOD_TITLE>
     69                        <PERIOD_TITLE>2011-2018 (HNJ2020)</PERIOD_TITLE>
    7370                        <Y_TITLE>Rate per 1,000 Adults with Diagnosed Diabetes</Y_TITLE>
    7471                </INDICATOR_VIEW>
    7774                        <TITLE>Lower Extremity Amputations Among Persons with Diagnosed Diabetes</TITLE>
    7875                        <SUB_TITLE>by Race/Ethnicity, New Jersey,</SUB_TITLE>
    79                         <PERIOD_TITLE>2016</PERIOD_TITLE>
     76                        <PERIOD_TITLE>2017</PERIOD_TITLE>
    8077                        <Y_TITLE>Rate per 1,000 Adults with Diagnosed Diabetes</Y_TITLE>
    8178                </INDICATOR_VIEW>
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