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  • trunk/ibisph-view/src/main/webapp/WEB-INF/config/spring/common.xml

    r19916 r19927  
    311311        <bean id="commonContentBasePathModelMap" class="org.ibisph.modelmap.SimpleGetModelMap">
    312312                <description>
    313                         Used by some XSLT to dynamically access the 2ndardy XML
    314                         files as well as leaflet map and kendo json files.
    315                         Injected into the main Page.xslt.
     313                        Used by Java code to access remote XML files (like query modules)
     314                        and is passed into the XSLT enviro to dynamically access the 2ndardy
     315                        XML files (like community profile reports that loop a set of IPs)
     316                        as well as leaflet map and kendo json files.  This value is injected
     317                        into the common alternate model maps with a handle defined in /Page.xslt.
    316318                </description>
    317319                <property name="modelMapKey" value="ContentBasePath"/>
    329331                        If the webappBaseRequestPath is blank then this model map will build
    330332                        the value using the webapp's server path and servlet context. 
     334                        Why Needed ?:  IBIS tries to be a build once deploy many webapp.  The
     335                        webapp can be deployed into different enviros stand along server or
     336                        the recommended reverse proxy.  The request paths can't be root
     337                        relative because if app server only with mulitple apps or non dns
     338                        specific mapping proxy the context is needed.  If generic, hard coded
     339                        context is added (ibisph-view) then all deployments would need "that"
     340                        mapping.  The implemented solution for all non relative requests is 
     341                        to use a variable requset prefix value.  This is more complex when
     342                        building page UI request URLs but not much more work compared with
     343                        hard coding a context in the request's URL. 
    331344                </description>
    332345                <property name="modelMapKey" value="WebAppBaseRequestPath"/>
  • trunk/ibisph-view/src/main/webapp/js/L.LayerSets.js

    r19700 r19927  
    6464        // the work.  It adds/sets the properties then kicks things off via the
    6565        // _addLayer().
     66// GARTH TODO: maybe rename: webappContextPath to webappBaseRequestPath???
    6667        ,initialize: function
    6768        (
  • trunk/ibisph-view/src/main/webapp/js/jquery.leaflet.js

    r19338 r19927  
    171171                        options.layerSets.selectionLayerSetSelectionType = options.selectionLayerSetSelectionType;
    172172                }
     173// GARTH TODO: maybe rename: webappContextPath to webappBaseRequestPath???
    173174                var layerSets = new L.LayerSets(options.layerSets, options.webappContextPath, infoPanelControl.getContainer());
    174175                layerSets.addTo(leafletMap);
  • trunk/ibisph-view/src/main/webapp/xslt/html/community/Page.xslt

    r19918 r19927  
    1919                <description>
    2020                        Community profile base XSLT.
     22                        Since this XSLT is needed for all community pages even though the
     23                        facts page is HTML_CONTENT implemented CSS via XSLT like:
     24                        [xsl:param name="Page.htmlClass" select="'Community'"/]
     25                        [xsl:template name="Page.specificCSS"]
     26                                [link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="{$ibis.baseRequestPath}css/Community.css"/]
     27                        [/xsl:template]
     29                        For facts could have used for the XML elements for Topic CSS but this
     30                        only covers the facts and not all community report type requests.
     31                        HTML_CLASS]Community[/HTML_CLASS]
     32                        [OTHER_HEAD_CONTENT]
     33                                [link   ibis:href="css/Community.css" rel="stylesheet" type="text/css"/]
     34                        [/OTHER_HEAD_CONTENT]
    2135                </description>
    2236        </ibis:doc>
    222236                <script type="text/javascript" src="{$ibis.baseRequestPath}js/InputSelections.js"/>
    223237                <script type="text/javascript">
    224                         var webappContextPath = "<xsl:value-of select="$ibis.baseRequestPath"/>";
    225                         var dimensionName     = "<xsl:value-of select="$Page.dimensionName"/>";
     238                        var dimensionName = "<xsl:value-of select="$Page.dimensionName"/>";
    227240                        var selectionMapDialog;
  • trunk/ibisph-view/src/main/webapp/xslt/html/topic/HTMLContentPage.xslt

    r19916 r19927  
    1212        <ibis:doc>
    1313                <name>html/topic/HTMLContentPage</name>
    14                 <summary>
    15                 </summary>
     14                <summary>Provides topic specific IP selection list processing</summary>
    1615                <description>
     16                        Topic CSS NOtes: Since this XSLT is used for all Topic HTML_CONTENT
     17                        pages could implement via this XSLT (see below).  Issue with XSLT
     18                        is that this overrides the default behavior of the HTML_CONTENT
     19                        processing so specific OTHER_HEAD_CONTENT and HTML_CLASS can't be
     20                        used as it's all or nothing without adding additional complexity.
     21                        So left in the XML files for now for maximum flexibility.
     23GARTH TODO: If lois wants all pages to scroll then implement XSLT version...
     24                        This is currently done via each XML file including:
     25                        HTML_CLASS]Topic[/HTML_CLASS]
     26                        [OTHER_HEAD_CONTENT]
     27                                [link   ibis:href="css/Topic.css" rel="stylesheet" type="text/css"/]
     28                        [/OTHER_HEAD_CONTENT]
     30                        or can be done in XSLT like:
     31                        [xsl:param name="Page.htmlClass" select="'Topic'"/]
     32                        [xsl:template name="Page.specificCSS"]
     33                                [link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="{$ibis.baseRequestPath}css/Topic.css"/]
     34                        [/xsl:template]
    1735                </description>
    1836        </ibis:doc>
  • trunk/ibisph-view/src/main/webapp/xslt/json/LeafletMap.xslt

    r19890 r19927  
    5656                <xsl:param name="mapTitle" select="'Request JSON'"/>
    5757                <xsl:param name="mapType"  select="'selection'"/>
     58<!-- GARTH TODO: maybe rename webappContextPath to match JS IF changing JS var name???? -->
    5859                <xsl:param name="webappContextPath" select="$ibis.baseRequestPath"/>
    5960                <xsl:param name="selectionLayerSetLayerKeys"/>
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