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    77        <CONTENT>
    8                 <span class="Bold">Smoke Advisory for Potential Impacts to Eastern New Mexico</span>
     8                <span class="Bold">Prescribed Burn in Santa Fe Watershed April 11, 2017.</span>
    99                <br/><br/>
    10                 <span class="Bold">March 7, 2017:</span> The New Mexico Environment Department and New Mexico
    11                 Department of Health issued a smoke advisory for areas of New Mexico that are affected by smoke
    12                 from fires burning in the Texas panhandle. For guidance on distances and visibility which you
    13                 can use to protect your health when it smoky outside, please visit
    14                 <a ibis:href="../fire"></a> 
    15                 <a ibis:href="view/pdf/newsroom/newstrack/MediaAlertMarch7SmokeEast.pdf" class="Italicize">Press Release</a>
     10                <span class="Bold">SANTA FE, NM - April 10, 2017</span> - Fire managers on the Santa Fe National
     11                Forest (SFNF) are planning a prescribed burn in the Santa Fe Watershed on April 11.  Hand and
     12                aerial ignitions are planned for the 340-acre treatment area, located approximately three miles
     13                east of the City of Santa Fe between the Nichols and McClure Reservoirs. Due to the Watershed's
     14                proximity to the city, a smoke column from the prescribed burn will be visible throughout the area.
    1615                <br/><br/>
     16                Unusual wind patterns for the spring are expected to push the smoke north of Santa Fe toward Chimayo,
     17                Truchas, Peñasco and Dixon the afternoon of April 11, 2017. Light smoke may be seen in Española and
     18                as far north as Taos in the evening, but is expected to clear by midnight. Predicted moisture and high
     19                humidity Tuesday night should help reduce smoke production overnight with minimal impacts in the
     20                Santa Fe metro area Wednesday morning and clearing the air prior to the Good Friday pilgrimage to Chimayo.
     21                <a ibis:href="view/pdf/newsroom/newstrack/041017_Rx SF Watershed_FINAL.PDF">Santa Fe National Forest Press Release</a>
     22                <br/><br/>
     23                If you find the conditions to be smoky where you live and work, follow the health guidance offered
     24                by NM EPHT on <a ibis:href="../fire"></a>.
    1725        </CONTENT>
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