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    77        <CONTENT>
    8                 With surveillance comes analysis and how these results can be applied.
    9                 You can see our approaches to various aspects of tracking environmental
    10                 and health data, learn about our linkage studies,
    11                 and see some of our findings from data analyses.
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     10                        <TITLE>Environmental Health Peer-reviewed Scientific Publication</TITLE>
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     12                                <br/>
     13                                <span Class="Bold">Environmental Health Journal Articles Co-Authored by NM EPHT Staff</span>
     14                                <br/><br/>
     15                                Feinman, S.J., P B. Ryan, <span Class="Bold">B. Toth,</span> W. A. Honey, J.W. Gargano. 2014.
     16                                <span Class="Italicize">Primary Drinking Water Source and Acute Gastrointestinal Illness - New Mexico, 2007.</span>
     17                                Water Quality, Exposure and Health, 2014; DOI 10.1007/s12403-014-0148-0
     18                                <br/><br/>
     19                                <span Class="Bold">Malczewska-Toth, B.</span> 2012. "Titanium, Zirconium, and Hafnium",
     20                                Chapter 13. In: Patty's Toxicology, Sixth Edition, Volume 1,
     21                                Eds: E. Bingham and B. Cohrssen.  Wiley &amp; Sons, pp. 427-473
     22                                <br/><br/>
     23                                <span Class="Bold">Malczewska-Toth, B.</span> 2012. "Phosphorus, Selenium, Tellurium, and Sulfur",
     24                                Chapter 22. In: Patty's Toxicology, Sixth Edition, Volume 1, Eds: E. Bingham and B. Cohrssen. 
     25                                Wiley &amp; Sons, pp. 841-884
     26                                <br/><br/>
     27                                Moraga-McHaley, S, Landen, M, <span Class="Bold">Krapfl, H</span>, and Sewell, C. 2013. 
     28                                <span Class="Italicize">Hypersensitivity pneumonitis with Mycobacterium avium complex
     29                                among spa workers.</span> International Journal of Environmental and Occupational Health: 19(1):55-61
     30                                <br/><br/>
     31                                Reid CE, Mann JK, Alfasso R, English PB, King GC, Lincoln RA, Margolis HG, Rubado DJ, Sabato JE, West NL,
     32                                <span Class="Bold">Woods B</span>, Navarro KM, Balmes JR. 2012. <span Class="Italicize">Evaluation of a heat
     33                                vulnerability index on abnormally hot days: an environmental public health tracking study.</span>
     34                                Environmental Health Perspectives, 120(5):715-720
     35                                <br/><br/>
     36                                Resnick A., <span Class="Bold">Woods BB. Woods, H. Krapfl, and B Toth.</span> 2015.
     37                                <span Class="Italicize">Health Outcomes Associated with Smoke Exposure in Albuquerque, New Mexico,
     38                                During the 2011 Wallow Fire.</span> Journal of Public Health Management Practice. 21(2 Supp), S55-S61
     39                                <br/><br/>
     40                                Rupali D., J. Johnson, A. Kari, D. Lee, K. Malecki, E. Lewis-Michl, D. Scher, H. Anderson, J. Van Eenwyk,
     41                                S. Joshi, E. Svendsen, <span Class="Bold">B. Malczewska-Toth,</span> E. Simms. 2013. 
     42                                <span Class="Italicize">Biomonitoring in Public Health: Epidemiologic Guidance for State, Local,
     43                                and Tribal Public Health Agencies.</span>  Council of State and Territorial Epidemiologists, 53 pp.
     44                                Available at <a href=""></a>
    1745                        </CONTENT>
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    21                         TITLE>Put article title here</TITLE>
     48                <ibis:ExpandableContent titleLevel="2">
     49                        <TITLE>Environment Peer-reviewed Scientific Publications</TITLE>
    2250                        <CONTENT>
    23                                 Put description here 
     51                                <br/>
     52                                <span Class="Bold">Environment Journal Articles Co-Authored by NM EPHT Staff</span>
     53                                <br/><br/>
     54                                Booth, EG, J Qiu, SR Carpenter, <span Class="Bold">J Schatz,</span> X Chen, CJ Kucharik,
     55                                SP Loheide II, MM Motew, JM Seifert, MG Turner. 2016. <span Class="Italicize">From qualitative to
     56                                quantitative environmental scenarios: Translating storylines into biophysical modeling inputs at
     57                                the watershed scale.</span> Environmental Modelling &amp; Software 85: 80-97.
     58                                <br/><br/>
     59                                Greenwood, MS, ME Day and <span Class="Bold">J Schatz.</span> 2010. <span Class="Italicize">Separating
     60                                the effects of tree size and meristem maturation on shoot development of grafted scions of
     61                                red spruce</span> (Picea rubens <span Class="Italicize">Sarg</span>). Tree Physiology 30(4): 459-468.
     62                                <br/><br/>
     63                                Greenwood, MS, CL O'Brien, <span Class="Bold">J Schatz,</span> CA Diggins, ME Day, GL Jacobson,
     64                                AS White, RG Wagner. 2008. <span Class="Italicize">Is early life cycle success a determinant of the
     65                                abundance of red spruce and balsam fir?</span> Canadian Journal of Forest Research 38: 2295-2305.
     66                                <br/><br/>
     67                                <span Class="Bold">Schatz, J</span> and CJ Kucharik. 2016. <span Class="Italicize">Urban heat island
     68                                effects on growing seasons and heating and cooling degree days in Madison, Wisconsin USA.</span>
     69                                International Journal of Climatology. doi:10.1002/joc.4675.
     70                                <br/><br/>
     71                                <span Class="Bold">Schatz, J</span> and CJ Kucharik. <span Class="Italicize">Urban climate effects on
     72                                extreme temperatures in Madison, Wisconsin USA.</span> Environmental Research Letters 10 094024.
     73                                <br/><br/>
     74                                <span Class="Bold">Schatz, J</span> and CJ Kucharik. 2014. <span Class="Italicize">Seasonality of the
     75                                urban heat island effect in Madison, Wisconsin.</span> Journal of Applied Meteorology and Climatology 53: 2371-2386.
     76                                <br/><br/>
     77                                <span Class="Bold">Schatz, J</span> JA Forrester, DJ Mladenoff. 2012.
     78                                <span Class="Italicize">Spatial patterns of soil surface C flux in experimental canopy gaps.</span>
     79                                Ecosystems 15: 616-623.
     80                                <br/><br/>
     81                                Zipper, SC, <span Class="Bold">J Schatz,</span> A Singh, CJ Kucharik, PA Townsend, SP Loheide II. 2016.
     82                                <span Class="Italicize">Urban heat island impacts on plant phenology: Intra-urban variability and
     83                                response to land cover.</span> Environmental Research Letters 11 054023.
     84                                <br/><br/>
     85                                Zipper, SC, <span Class="Bold">J Schatz,</span> CJ Kucharik, SP Loheide II. 2017.
     86                                <span Class="Italicize">Urban heat island impacts on growing season evapotranspirative demand.</span>
     87                                Geophysical Research Letters 44, doi:10.1002/2016GL072190.
    2488                        </CONTENT>
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     91                <ibis:ExpandableContent titleLevel="2">
     92                        <TITLE>Health and Disease Peer-reviewed Scientific Publications </TITLE>
     93                        <CONTENT>
     94                                <br/>
     95                                <span Class="Bold">Health Journal Articles Co-Authored by NM EPHT Staff</span>
     96                                <br/><br/>
     97                                <span Class="Bold">Krapfl, H.</span>, Gohdes, D., Croft, JB. 2006. <span Class="Italicize">Racial and ethnic
     98                                differences in premature heart disease deaths in New Mexico: what is the role of diabetes? </span>Ethnicity and Disease: 16: 85-88
     99                                <br/><br/>
     100                                <span Class="Bold">Krapfl, H.</span> <span Class="Italicize">A study of diabetes and amputation
     101                                risk in New Mexico.</span> 2003.  New Mexico Selected Health Statistics Annual Report for 2001.
     102                                The State Center for Health Statistics Office of New Mexico Vital Records and Health Statistics.
     103                        </CONTENT>
     104                </ibis:ExpandableContent>
    27106        </CONTENT>
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