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    55        <TITLE>New in Tracking</TITLE>
    76        <CONTENT>
     7                New Mexico Environmental Pubic Health is ever-evolving. This page highlights some of the latest
     8                query system updates, indictor reports, and newly produced resources.
     9                <br/>
     10                <h3>Learn How to Use Environmental Public Health Tracking</h3>
     11                Environmental public health tracking and informatics is an essential piece of local, state, tribal
     12                and federal agencies as it relates to the status of the public and environmental health. This new
     13                section has been added to site to demonstrate how you can use NM EPHT in your daily public health work.
     14                <a ibis:href="about/resources/LearnHow.html">Check it out</a>
     15                <br/>
     16                <h3>Allergy and Pollen</h3>
     17                Pollen may be tiny but it brings big problems for those who suffer with seasonal allergies.
     18                See the newly updated page for allergy and pollen where New Mexicans can get tips to get through
     19                pollination seasons. <a ibis:href="health/breathing/Allergy.html">Check it out</a>
     20                <br/>
     21                <h3>2016 Carbon Monoxide Data</h3>
     22                Did you know that carbon monoxide exposures are most common in November through February? You can
     23                see the recently available 2016 Poison and Drug Information Center carbon monoxide exposure data on
     24                the data query portal. New Mexico 2008-2016 CO exposure call data are available to be queried.
     25                <a ibis:href="health/poisonings/CarbonMonoxidePoisoning.html">Check it out</a>
     26                <br/>
     27                <h3>Morbidity Query Updates</h3>
     28                Morbidity queries (i.e., Emergency Department (ED) visits and hospital admissions) have been updated with 2015 data for:
     29                <ul class="Indent">
     30                        <li>asthma (see breathing problems)</li>
     31                        <li>heart attack (AMI)(see cardiovascular disease),</li>
     32                        <li>heat stress, and;</li>
     33                        <li>carbon monoxide poisoning (see poisonings)</li>
     34                </ul>
     35                <a ibis:href="dataportal/query/Index.html">Check it out</a>
     36                <br/>
     37                <h3>Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) Data Queries</h3>
     38                Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) data queries have been developed and deployed for ED visits
     39                (2010-2015), hospital admissions (1999-2015), and mortality (2001-2014).
     40                <a ibis:href="dataportal/query/Index.html">Check it out (see breathing problems)</a>
     41                <br/>
     42                <h3>Mortality Queries</h3>
     43                Newly developed Asthma, Heart Attack (AMI), and heat stress mortality queries are available on the portal.
     44                <a ibis:href="dataportal/query/Index.html">Check it out</a>
    1245        </CONTENT>
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