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    77        <CONTENT>
    8                 Sometimes NM EPHT makes the news. Come here to find out which outlets feature
    9                 our program.  This page also lists the latest on what is going on in the
    10                 field of environmental public health? Check here to learn about exciting
    11                 innovations in tracking environmental and health data, the implications
    12                 of these, and successes in the field.<br/><br/>
     8                Welcome to the Environmental Health News page. We feature general news about environmental
     9                health that impact the lives of New Mexicans. Occasionally we will feature news about the
     10                exciting innovations in Environmental Public Health Tracking and health data and what that
     11                means to lives of people in New Mexico.
     12                <br/><br/>
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     14                        <TITLE>Pill Disposal Program</TITLE>
     15                        <CONTENT>
     16                                Households in Albuquerque have a convenient, safe and environmentally friendly option
     17                                for disposing pills, thanks to a program sponsored by the City of Albuquerque Police
     18                                Department. This public health activity supports the efforts of programs in poisoning
     19                                prevention, behavioral health/substance abuse, and environmental health.  Proper disposal
     20                                protects children and pets from accidental poisonings and helps prevent the misuse and
     21                                abuse of medications. Did you know that it also prevents contamination of surface,
     22                                ground, and drinking water?
     23                                <br/><br/>
     24                                Locations around the city offer drop-off spots for pills that are doctor-prescribed
     25                                and over-the-counter medicines, vitamins, herbal supplements, and pet medications.
     26                                When you are spring cleaning, take time go through medicine cabinets, gather your old,
     27                                unused, and no longer needed pills but <span class="Bold">don't flush the pills.</span>
     28                                Take the pills to one of the drop-off points. Learn more and find a location near you at:
     29                                <a href=""></a>.
     30                        </CONTENT>
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    1533                        <TITLE>Consumer Product Safety Concerns: Portable Generators and Carbon Monoxide</TITLE>
    3048                </ibis:ExpandableContent>
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    33                         <TITLE>Kidde Recalls Combination Smoke/CO Alarms Due to Alarm Failure</TITLE>
    34                         <CONTENT>
    35                                 Do you have a carbon monoxide detector in your home? If, not you should get one.
    36                                 If you do, check to see if it is one the recently recalled models from Kidde.
    37                                 The recall is due to a malfunction in the alarm system when it reaches its
    38                                 seven-year end-of-life.  <a href="" class="Bold">Learn
    39                                 more about CPSC Kidde CO Alarm Recalls</a>.
    40                                 <br/><br/>
    42                                 One of the best ways to prevent carbon monoxide poisoning is to check your home
    43                                 heating sources such as furnaces, water heaters, wood stoves, and portable heaters
    44                                 for leaks, cracks and proper function every year. It is still important to replace
    45                                 batteries annually in both the carbon monoxide and smoke detectors in your home and
    46                                 replace detectors every few years based on the manufacturer. 
    47                                 <a ibis:href="health/poisonings/CarbonMonoxidePoisoning.html" class="Bold">Learn
    48                                 more about preventing carbon monoxide poisoning</a>.
    49                         </CONTENT>
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