source: main/trunk/src/main/webapps/ibisph-view/WEB-INF/config/spring/application-context.xml @ 3710

Last change on this file since 3710 was 3710, checked in by Garth Braithwaite, 10 years ago

java and view - email verification code working. updated systemid modelmaps to use verified file, then the new resource then classpath system id lookup. many of the modelmap objects were changed from "XML" to the more generic "file". Renamed the saxon*.jars to include the exact version number.

File size: 574 bytes
1<beans default-lazy-init="false" default-autowire="no"
2        xmlns=""
3        xmlns:xsi=""
4        xsi:schemaLocation=""
6        <!--
7                This file is NOT USED.  It is simply included as an example for adopters
8                who might want to manage their Spring Bean config files here rather than
9                in the web.xml file.
10        -->
11        <import resource="common.xml"/>
12        <import resource="filters.xml"/>
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