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1<?xml version="1.0" encoding="ISO-8859-1"?>
2<xsl:stylesheet version="3.0" 
3        xmlns:xsl ="" 
4        xmlns:ibis=""
6        exclude-result-prefixes="ibis"
8        <xsl:import href="../../ExpandableSectionSelectionsListPage.xslt"/>
11        <ibis:doc>
12                <name>html/query/module/selection/SelectionPage</name>
13                <summary>Creates the query module selection pages</summary>
14                <description>
15                        Creates the module/configuration selection type HTML page
16                        based on the selected module selection XML data file.  The XSLT creates
17                        an HTML page that has two basic selection containers.  The first is a
18                        Quick Selection list.  The second is the Advanced Selection list.  Both
19                        present the user with a series of indentured selection choices that
20                        ultimately leads the user to a unique module name and confiruation name
21                        which resides within that module which allows them to choose an actual
22                        query module builder page.  The HTML elements are very similar to the
23                        ones produced for the module pages and uses the same selection
24                        javascripts to control the UI.
25                </description>
26        </ibis:doc>
28        <!-- ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ PARAMS / VARIABLES ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ -->
29        <xsl:param name="Page.contentTitle" ibis:doc="Page's content title text query module selection/TITLE element.">
30                <xsl:value-of select="$Page.pageTitle"/> Configuration Selection
31        </xsl:param>
33        <xsl:param name="Page.orgUnitName" select="/QUERY_CONFIGURATION_SELECTION/ORG_UNIT_NAME"
34                ibis:doc="Provides an optional associated organization unit contact info
35                        which is typically used in the content footer.  The actual org unit
36                        text is pulled from the 'org_unit.xml' file and is keyed off of via
37                        the matching associated 'ORG_UNIT/NAME' element value.
38                "
39        />
42<!-- ============================= End of File ============================= -->
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