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2# Site Specific Property Overrides for the IBIS-PH View app/system.  These values
3# are applied to the Spring context configuration bean definitions.  The form is:
4# beanID.propertyName = value
6# IMPORTANT: For these values to be used, they must be referenced.  This is
7# typically specified via the siteSpecificPropertyOverrides bean which is a
8# default core implementation that is contained in the config/srping/SiteSpecific.xml
9# file. 
11# The use of this file is OPTIONAL.  These values can be specified in the ss.xml
12# file as well but require more work as a complete, whole new bean with the same
13# name will need to be defined.  This file is useful for poking string values into
14# existing bean definitions or when specifying different values to be used while
15# keeping the same war file deployable to multiple environments without mods.
18# All paths shall have a trailing "/".  Sub paths should never have a leading "/"
19# but will always have the trailing "/".  Base paths can have a leading "/" as
20# this represents the root of the file system.
23#--- IBISQ/QueryApplication URL address.  The addresses can include a proxy to
24#       the deployed IBIS View system which is allowed to communicate to the backend
25#       server, the address to SAS Intrnet, or the actual address of the webserver/
26#       IBIS-Q SAS CGI application.
28#       HTTPS NOTE: things like can choke
29#       because cert is not verified!
31# Linux   Example: http://hlcbsas/cgi-bin/hi_iq_func
32# Windows Example: http://localhost/cgi-bin/hi_iq_func.exe
33# Proxy   Example: (request to another view app that makes the actual ibisq request)
34queryIBISQRequestPath.string =http://localhost/cgi-bin/hi_iq_func.exe
37#--- Most adopters should be splitting their XML and JSON content out from the
38#        ibisph-view webapp.  This has several advantages like shared data and not
39#        having to put any content files in the deployment package.  The main content
40#        path is specified below.  The xml and json paths by default are subdirs
41#        below the main content path.  Below are examples of how to specify the base
42#        content file path used by all "Path" type bean configurations. 
43#    Again this simply provides a mechanism to easily locate files to a
44#    directory outside of the webapp.  The default location is the relative
45#    "" path within the webapp.   
46#commonContentBasePath.string =../../ibisph-content/
47#commonContentBasePath.string =file:/d:/tomcat7/webapps/ibisph-content/
48#commonContentBasePath.string =http://localhost/ibisph-content/
49commonContentBasePath.string =../../ibisph-content/
51#--- Special Content Path Uses
52#    For development users to access QA or production IP XMLs place a local, user
53#    property override file in the [user]/ file with an
54#    entry like:
55#indicatorXMLBasePath.string =
56#    This same can be applied to any other directory values like commonContentBasePath.string
57#    and ephtContentBasePath.string etc.
60#--- Base admin app preview related XML file path.  Just like the content base
61#        path above, this can be a relataive, explicit file path or request URL.
63#    IMPORTANT SECURITY NOTE: It is recommended to go through the admin app
64#        (e.g. URL request based) for XML IP file requests so that the admin app can
65#        handle file privs/security.  This is needed for those adopters that have
66#        sensitive, non public IP files and is a good practice in general.
67#        Default value: "http://localhost/ibisph-admim/xml/preview/indicator/profile/"
68indicatorPreviewFilePath.string =http://localhost/ibisph-admin/view/xml/preview/indicator/profile/
70#--- Explicit base server with app context request URL prefix.  If the value is
71#        blank then the app uses the first HTTP request's URL for protocol, server
72#        name and context path.  For most situations this is perfectly fine being
73#        left blank so that the working actual request URL is used.  However, in
74#        some deployments behind a proxy or if nervous about the first working request
75#        then this value can be specified.  See notes in the commonWebAppBasePathModelMap
76#        (common.xml).  Default value: "".  Below is an example:
77#commonWebAppBaseRequestPath.string =
79#--- For development users IF the above is set, place a local, user property
80#    override file in the  [user]/ file with an entry of:
81#commonWebAppBaseRequestPath.string =
84#--- self registered user email overrides
85#    BELOW ARE PLACEHOLDERS that adopters using MyData should specify.
88userEmailVerificationService.mailSubject     =IBIS-PH - Self Registed MyData Account Verification
89userEmailPasswordService.mailSubject         =IBIS-PH - Your MyData Account Password
91#----------------------------------- END OF FILE -----------------------------
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