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3delete from TOPIC;
5insert into TOPIC (NAME, TITLE, URL, DESCRIPTION, SORT_ORDER, ACTIVE_FLAG, MODIFIED_DATE) values ( "Characteristics", "Demographic Characteristics", "topic/population/demographics/characteristics/Detail.html", "Population: Demographic Characteristics selection.", 10, "x", now() );
6insert into TOPIC (NAME, TITLE, URL, DESCRIPTION, SORT_ORDER, ACTIVE_FLAG, MODIFIED_DATE) values ( "Education", "Education",                         "topic/population/socialdeterminant/education/Detail.html", "Social Determinants of Health: Education selection.", 11, "x", now() );
7insert into TOPIC (NAME, TITLE, URL, DESCRIPTION, SORT_ORDER, ACTIVE_FLAG, MODIFIED_DATE) values ( "EconomicStability", "Economic Stability",        "topic/population/socialdeterminant/economic/Detail.html", "Social Determinants of Health: Income and Poverty selection.", 12, "x", now() );
8insert into TOPIC (NAME, TITLE, URL, DESCRIPTION, SORT_ORDER, ACTIVE_FLAG, MODIFIED_DATE) values ( "NeighborhoodEnv", "Neighborhood and Built Environment", "topic/population/socialdeterminant/neighborhood/Detail.html", "Neighborhood and built environments.", 15, "x", now() );
9insert into TOPIC (NAME, TITLE, URL, DESCRIPTION, SORT_ORDER, ACTIVE_FLAG, MODIFIED_DATE) values ( "SocialCommunity", "Social and Community Context",       "topic/population/socialdeterminant/community/Detail.html", "Social and community settings in which people live and act.", 16, "x", now() );
12insert into TOPIC (NAME, TITLE, URL, DESCRIPTION, SORT_ORDER, ACTIVE_FLAG, MODIFIED_DATE) values ( "Availability", "Availability",        "topic/healthcare/access/availability/Detail.html", "Access to Care: Availability selection.", 30, "x", now() );
13insert into TOPIC (NAME, TITLE, URL, DESCRIPTION, SORT_ORDER, ACTIVE_FLAG, MODIFIED_DATE) values ( "Insurance", "Insurance",              "topic/healthcare/access/insurance/Detail.html", "Access to Health Insurance.", 31, "x", now() );
15insert into TOPIC (NAME, TITLE, URL, DESCRIPTION, SORT_ORDER, ACTIVE_FLAG, MODIFIED_DATE) values ( "CancerScreening", "Cancer Screening", "topic/healthcare/utilization/screening/cancer/Detail.html", "Use of Preventive Services: Cancer Screening selection.", 40, "x", now() );
16insert into TOPIC (NAME, TITLE, URL, DESCRIPTION, SORT_ORDER, ACTIVE_FLAG, MODIFIED_DATE) values ( "CardiovascularScreening", "Cardiovascular Screening", "topic/healthcare/utilization/screening/cardiovascular/Detail.html", "Use of Preventive Services: Cardiovascular Screening selection.", 41, "x", now() );
17insert into TOPIC (NAME, TITLE, URL, DESCRIPTION, SORT_ORDER, ACTIVE_FLAG, MODIFIED_DATE) values ( "Immunization", "Immunization",        "topic/healthcare/utilization/immunization/Detail.html", "Use of Preventive Services: Immunization selection.", 42, "x", now() );
18insert into TOPIC (NAME, TITLE, URL, DESCRIPTION, SORT_ORDER, ACTIVE_FLAG, MODIFIED_DATE) values ( "OralHealth", "Oral Health",           "topic/healthcare/utilization/oral/Detail.html", "Use of Preventive Services: Oral Health selection.", 43, "x", now() );
19insert into TOPIC (NAME, TITLE, URL, DESCRIPTION, SORT_ORDER, ACTIVE_FLAG, MODIFIED_DATE) values ( "Other Preventive", "Other Preventive", "topic/healthcare/utilization/other/Detail.html", "Use of Preventive Services: Other selection.", 49, "x", now() );
22insert into TOPIC (NAME, TITLE, URL, DESCRIPTION, SORT_ORDER, ACTIVE_FLAG, MODIFIED_DATE) values ( "Alcohol", "Alcohol",            "topic/risk_resiliency/behavior/alcohol/Detail.html", "Health Behaviors: Alcohol selection.", 51, "x", now() );
23insert into TOPIC (NAME, TITLE, URL, DESCRIPTION, SORT_ORDER, ACTIVE_FLAG, MODIFIED_DATE) values ( "Injury", "Injury",              "topic/risk_resiliency/behavior/injury/Detail.html", "Health Behaviors: Injury selection.", 52, "x", now() );
24insert into TOPIC (NAME, TITLE, URL, DESCRIPTION, SORT_ORDER, ACTIVE_FLAG, MODIFIED_DATE) values ( "Nutrition", "Nutrition",        "topic/risk_resiliency/behavior/nutrition/Detail.html", "Health Behaviors: Nutrition selection.", 53, "x", now() );
25insert into TOPIC (NAME, TITLE, URL, DESCRIPTION, SORT_ORDER, ACTIVE_FLAG, MODIFIED_DATE) values ( "PhysicalActivity", "Physical Activity", "topic/risk_resiliency/behavior/activity/Detail.html", "Health Behaviors: Physical Activity selection.", 54, "x", now() );
26insert into TOPIC (NAME, TITLE, URL, DESCRIPTION, SORT_ORDER, ACTIVE_FLAG, MODIFIED_DATE) values ( "PhysicalEnvironment",           "Physical Environment", "topic/risk_resiliency/environment/physical/Detail.html", "Risk and Resiliency: Physical Environment selection.", 55, "x", now() );
27insert into TOPIC (NAME, TITLE, URL, DESCRIPTION, SORT_ORDER, ACTIVE_FLAG, MODIFIED_DATE) values ( "Tobacco", "Tobacco",            "topic/risk_resiliency/behavior/tobacco/Detail.html", "Health Behaviors: Tobacco selection.", 56, "x", now() );
28insert into TOPIC (NAME, TITLE, URL, DESCRIPTION, SORT_ORDER, ACTIVE_FLAG, MODIFIED_DATE) values ( "WeightStatus", "Weight Status", "topic/risk_resiliency/behavior/weight/Detail.html", "Health Behaviors: Weight Status selection.", 57, "x", now() );
31insert into TOPIC (NAME, TITLE, URL, DESCRIPTION, SORT_ORDER, ACTIVE_FLAG, MODIFIED_DATE) values ( "Cancer", "Cancer",                              "topic/healthoutcome/cancer/Detail.html", "Health Outcomes: Cancer selection.", 61, "x", now() );
32insert into TOPIC (NAME, TITLE, URL, DESCRIPTION, SORT_ORDER, ACTIVE_FLAG, MODIFIED_DATE) values ( "ChronicDisease", "Chronic Diseases and Conditions", "topic/healthoutcome/chronic/Detail.html", "Health Outcomes: Chronic Diseases and Conditions selection.", 62, "x", now() );
33insert into TOPIC (NAME, TITLE, URL, DESCRIPTION, SORT_ORDER, ACTIVE_FLAG, MODIFIED_DATE) values ( "InfectiousDiseases", "Infectious Diseases",     "topic/healthoutcome/infectious/Detail.html", "Health Outcomes: Infectious Diseases selection.", 63, "x", now() );
34insert into TOPIC (NAME, TITLE, URL, DESCRIPTION, SORT_ORDER, ACTIVE_FLAG, MODIFIED_DATE) values ( "InjuryViolence", "Injury and Violence",         "topic/healthoutcome/injury/Detail.html", "Health Outcomes: Injury and Violence selection.", 64, "x", now() );
35insert into TOPIC (NAME, TITLE, URL, DESCRIPTION, SORT_ORDER, ACTIVE_FLAG, MODIFIED_DATE) values ( "LeadingCausesDeath", "Leading Causes of Death", "topic/healthoutcome/death/Detail.html", "Health Outcomes: Leading Causes of Death selection.", 65, "x", now() );
36insert into TOPIC (NAME, TITLE, URL, DESCRIPTION, SORT_ORDER, ACTIVE_FLAG, MODIFIED_DATE) values ( "MentalHealth", "Mental Health",                 "topic/healthoutcome/mental/Detail.html", "Health Outcomes: Mental Health selection.", 66, "x", now() );
37insert into TOPIC (NAME, TITLE, URL, DESCRIPTION, SORT_ORDER, ACTIVE_FLAG, MODIFIED_DATE) values ( "MCH", "Mothers and Infants",                    "topic/healthoutcome/mch/Detail.html", "Health Outcomes: Mothers and Infants selection.", 67, "x", now() );
38insert into TOPIC (NAME, TITLE, URL, DESCRIPTION, SORT_ORDER, ACTIVE_FLAG, MODIFIED_DATE) values ( "SubstanceAbuse", "Substance Abuse",             "topic/healthoutcome/substance/Detail.html", "Health Outcomes: Substance Abuse selection.", 68, "x", now() );
39insert into TOPIC (NAME, TITLE, URL, DESCRIPTION, SORT_ORDER, ACTIVE_FLAG, MODIFIED_DATE) values ( "SummaryMeasures", "Summary Measures of Health Status", "topic/healthoutcome/measures/Detail.html", "Health Outcomes: Summary Measures of Health Status selection.", 69, "x", now() );
41insert into TOPIC (NAME, TITLE, URL, DESCRIPTION, SORT_ORDER, ACTIVE_FLAG, MODIFIED_DATE) values ( "Employment", "Employment",                              "topic/population/socialdeterminant/employment/Detail.html", "Social Determinants of Health: Employment selection.", 13, null, now() );
42insert into TOPIC (NAME, TITLE, URL, DESCRIPTION, SORT_ORDER, ACTIVE_FLAG, MODIFIED_DATE) values ( "HealthcareAccessCost", "Health Care Coverage and Cost", "topic/population/socialdeterminant/access/Detail.html", "Access to Care: Health Care Coverage and Cost selection.", 14, null, now() );
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