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1<?xml version="1.0" encoding="ISO-8859-1"?>
3<HTML_CONTENT xmlns:ibis="">
5        <ibis:doc>
6                <name>home/Welcome</name>
7                <summary>Home Module's Welcome Page</summary>
8                <description>
9                        This is the main introduction page for the Utah IBIS-PH site.  It should
10                        provide an overview of what the system offers as well as links to main
11                        system modules.  It should be updated frequently as new query modules
12                        or indicator profiles are published (with links) so that returning users
13                        can see what has been added/changed.  Also any new system features should
14                        also be mentioned on this page.
15                        <br/><br/>
17                        Note that it is okay to have local style definitions within this page
18                        since this page is very site specific already...
19                </description>
21                <author>Garth Braithwaite</author>
22                <company>Utah Department of Health/Software Technology Group</company>
23                <versions>
25                        <version><number>1.2</number><date>Mar 4, 2008</date><who>Kim</who>
26                                <description>changed indicator based to indicator-based to be consistent</description>
27                        </version>
29                        <version><number>1.1</number><date>Nov 28, 2007</date><who>Garth</who>
30                                <description>Split out news stuff to news page and simplified</description>
31                        </version>
32                </versions>
33        </ibis:doc>
36        <TITLE>Welcome to IBIS-PH; Utah's Secure Health Data Resource</TITLE>
37        <KEYWORDS>Utah Secure Health Indicator Profile Query Data Welcome</KEYWORDS>
38        <DESCRIPTION>Utah's Indicator-Based Information System for Secure Health Data Resource - Welcome Home Page</DESCRIPTION>
41        <CONTENT>
42                Welcome to the IBIS-PH Secure Query Site.
43                This site is only setup for secure queries.  Please click the left top navigation button back to the public
44                IBIS-PH website for all non secure type web page requests.
45                <br/><br/>
46        </CONTENT>
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