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3<DATA_NOTE xmlns:ibis="">
4        <NAME>SDH</NAME>
5        <TITLE>Social Determinants of Health Queries</TITLE>
6        <TEXT>
7                Social determinants of health (SDH) are conditions in the environments in which people live that affect a wide range of
8                health outcomes and risks. For more information on the social determinants of health please visit the Please visit the
9                [ IBIS social determinants topic page]. 
10        </TEXT>
11        <TEXT>
12                In these queries users are able to analyze data by selected measures that are considered social determinants of health.
13                The measure in these queries consist of census-tract-level estimates from the American Community Survey (ACS)
14                5-year sample. The measures were linked by census tract and year to geocoded birth and death data and the census tract
15                value was assigned to each individual data record. The result is an ecological analysis that allows users to understand
16                the effects that the SDH may have on health outcomes in New Mexico.
17        </TEXT>
18        <TEXT>
19                When linking these data to our birth and death data, the five year ACS estimates were linked to the birth and death
20                datasets for the mid-year ACS period. For instance, the 2009-2013 ACS estimate was linked to the 2011 birth data.
21                Additionally, 2010-2014 ACS estimate was also linked to the 2013 birth data because 5-year 2011-2015 ACS percentages
22                were not yet available. This methodology, including the reasoning behind our six poverty cutoff categories, was adapted
23                from methodology developed by the CSTE that may be found in the
24                [ CSTE Webinar Library].
25        </TEXT>
26        <TEXT>
27                These queries currently allow users to look at record level birth and death data by an SDH measure within a census tract.
28                It is important to understand that as an ecological analysis, these queries do not allow users to draw conclusions about
29                relationships between individual characteristics and individual outcomes.
30        </TEXT>
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