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1<?xml version="1.0" encoding="ISO-8859-1"?>
4        <NAME>IDEpiAll</NAME>
5        <TITLE>Infectious Disease Data</TITLE>
6        <TEXT>
7                Infectious disease data on NM-IBIS are updated nightly. When querying data by month or year, please
8                be aware that data for the current time period will not be complete until after the end of the time
9                period (i.e., after the end of the month or year).
10        </TEXT>
11        <TEXT>
12                Data for the current year are provisional and may change significantly upon the completion of ongoing
13                investigations. Data for prior years are also subject to minor revisions due to corrections
14                or identification of historical cases.
15        </TEXT>
16        <TEXT>
17                For MMWR Week calendar dates, please see [].
18        </TEXT>
19        <TEXT>
20                When querying data by race/ethnicity, please be aware that cases missing race/ethnicity information
21                is not displayed as a separate category, but will be included in the "Total" row, reflecting overall
22                New Mexico counts or rates.
23        </TEXT>
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