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4        <NAME>Botulism</NAME>
5        <TITLE>Botulism</TITLE>
6        <TEXT>
7                Botulism is caused by a toxin made by a bacterium known as Clostridium botulinum. It causes a muscle-paralyzing disease.
8                There are three kinds of botulism:
9                foodborne- a person eats food that has not been properly cooked or reheated;
10                infant (also called intestinal botulism)- an infant eats food containing bacterial spores and
11                then the bacteria produce the toxin in the gastrointestinal tract;
12                wound- happens when botulism spores are introduced into a wound by contaminated soil or gravel.
13                Symptoms of foodborne or wound botulism include blurred or double vision, dry mouth, and muscle paralysis that may affect breathing. Symptoms of
14                infant botulism may include constipation, weakness, difficulty breathing, poor feeding, and poor reflexes.
15                For more information, please see [].[[br]][[br]]
16        </TEXT>
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