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4        <TITLE>New Mexico Tribal Area Queries</TITLE>
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6                Deaths counts for a given New Mexico Tribal Area were derived by a process called
7                "geocoding" that assigned latitude and longitude coordinates to the decedent's
8                residential address. These records were then assigned to tribal boundaries, as defined
9                by the US Census.  These boundaries are called "Tribal Areas" by the US Census. 
10                The accuracy and precision of the geocoding process depended on having a complete
11                and correct address on the death certificate so that it could be matched uniquely to a
12                standardized address in a geodatabase that provided the needed geographic coordinates.
13                Death records such as P.O boxes or rural routes that could not be matched to a
14                standardized address were geocoded with the most precise alternate geocode available.
15                Often this was the geocode of a nearby intersection, or the geographic centroid of the
16                ZIP code or county referenced in the address. For this reason self identified tribal
17                affiliation was used as a secondary criteria for the assignment of records in ZIP codes
18                that intersect with tribal boundaries.  Tribal IBIS queries allow the user to query
19                these records by self reported tribal affiliation and race/ethnicity within a tribal area.
20                This process improves the quality of tribe-specific data within New Mexico and the
21                assessment of tribal communities.   
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24                For more information this analysis in New Mexico see the New Mexico Department of
25                Health Tribal Area Methodology IBIS page, located at:
27        </TEXT>
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