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3<CONTENT  xmlns:ibis="">
5        <h3 style="margin-top: 1.5rem">Health Topic Data and Usage</h3>
6        <p>
7                Please select one of the above Health Topics to see more information as well
8                as navigation links to that topic's related Health Indicator reports
9                and the related user queryable Health Datasets.  Use the above top naviagtion
10                images to change to a different Topic Category.
11        </p>
12        <p>
13                Health Topic pages contain more detailed information such as "Why Important"
14                and "What is being Done".  Along with this information are links to the
15                associated Indicator Reports and Dataset Queries. The Indicator Reports
16                provide graphs, maps, public health context, and data tables.  Many of the
17                topics have queryable datasets that you can use to create your own tables,
18                charts, and maps.  These data query results pages will contain dataset details,
19                including data sources and tips on how data can or cannot be used.
20        </p>
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