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7        <TITLE>NM-IBIS Contents and Use</TITLE>
9        <CONTENT>
10                <h2>NM-IBIS: New Mexico's Public Health Data Resource</h2>
11                <img src="contentfile/image/InvertedTriangle.png" width="36%" style="float:right; vertical-align:text-top; margin:0;" title="Information on IBIS"/>
13                <ul class="ExtraWhiteSpace">
14                        <li>
15                                Click on the "<a href="topic/Index.html">Health  Topics</a>" tab, above
16                                or on one of the main topic buttons found on the NM-IBIS <a href="about/Welcome.html">
17                                home/welcome</a> page. Watch this space for new content, including infographics,
18                                stories and dashboards!
19                        </li>
21                        <li>
22                                <a href="community/indicators/HealthStatusOutcomes/GeoCnty">Community Profiles</a> provide data
23                                at-a-glance for each New Mexico county. You can use the "Community Reports" top
24                                tab to see available community reports.
25                        </li>
27                        <li>
28                                <a href="indicator/index/Alphabetical.html">Indicator Reports</a> provide data charts and maps
29                                for health indicators, such as <a href="indicator/view/BirthTeen.15_19.Cnty.html">teen births</a>,
30                                <a href="indicator/view/TobaccoSmokeAdult.Year.NM_US.html">smoking rates</a> and
31                                <a href="indicator/view/DrugOverdoseDth.Year.NM_US.html">drug overdose deaths</a> in New
32                                Mexico. These reports, prepared by NMDOH subject-matter experts, are the authoritative source for
33                                data and information for specific health topics.
34                        </li>
36                        <li>
37                                <a href="query/DatasetstoExplore.html">Custom data queries</a> allow you to query public
38                                health datasets. Use the "Explore Datasets" tab, above, to see what is available. After selecting
39                                a dataset, you can specify filtering and cross-tabulation criteria and produce data tables, graphs
40                                and maps.
41                        </li>
43                        <li>
44                                Use the Resources top tab to find the glossary and index to help pages.
45                        </li>
46                </ul><br/>
47                <br/>
49                <ibis:include href="../../text/Suggestions.xml"/><br/><br/>
50        </CONTENT>
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