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4        <NAME>Mort</NAME>
5        <TEXT>Death certificates in New Mexico are required to be filed by funeral directors.
6                Funeral directors obtain demographic information from an informant, a close family
7                member of the decedent. The cause of death is certified by the decedent's physician
8                or the physician that attended the death. Accidental and suspicious deaths are certified
9                by the Office of the Medical Investigator. Death certificate data go through extensive
10                edits for completeness and consistency. The DOH Bureau of Vital Records and Health Statistics
11                (BVRHS) does annual trainings for funeral directors and local registrars.
12        </TEXT>
13        <TEXT>When death certificates are received the cause of death literals are keyed into software
14                locally by the BVRHS, then shipped to the National Center for Health Statistics (NCHS) where
15                they are machine coded into ICD-10 cause-of-death codes. NCHS returns the ICD-10 codes to
16                BVRHS where the death records are updated.
17        </TEXT>
18        <TEXT>For rates where the count is zero, a numerator of "3" was used to calculate the confidence
19                interval (per Lilienfeld and Stolley, __Foundations of Epidemiology__, 1994, p. 303).
20        </TEXT>
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