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4        <NAME>Shigella</NAME>
5        <TITLE>Shigellosis</TITLE>
6        <TEXT>
7                Shigellosis is caused by a group of bacteria called Shigella. There are many different
8                types of Shigella, but one type, Shigella sonnei, accounts for over two-thirds of the
9                shigellosis cases in the United States. Most people infected with Shigella develop diarrhea
10                (often bloody), fever, and stomach cramps starting 1 to 2 days after they are exposed to the
11                organism. Shigellosis usually resolves in 5 to 7 days. In some persons, especially young
12                children and the elderly, the diarrhea can be so severe that the patient needs to be
13                hospitalized. Most Shigella infections resolve quickly and do not require antibiotics.
14                Humans are the natural host for Shigella and infections are usually transmitted from person
15                to person. Children in child care settings, their caregivers and other people living in
16                crowded conditions are at increased risk of infection. Shigella can also be transmitted
17                through eating contaminated food, drinking or swimming in contaminated water, or contact
18                with contaminated objects. 
19                For more information, please see [].[[br]][[br]]
20        </TEXT>
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