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3<INDICATOR name="DrugUseYouthCocaine">
4        <NAME>DrugUseYouthCocaine</NAME>
6        <TITLE>Youth Current Cocaine Use</TITLE>
7        <DEFINITION>Youth current cocaine use is defined as a youth in grades 9-12 in a NM public school who reported using cocaine at least one time in the past 30 days.</DEFINITION>
8        <NUMERATOR>Number of youth reporting current cocaine use in the past month</NUMERATOR>
9        <DENOMINATOR>Total number of youth participating in the YRRS</DENOMINATOR>
10        <DATA_ISSUES>Responses are weighted to reflect youth attending public middle and high schools in New Mexico. The YRRS is administered in odd years.</DATA_ISSUES>
11        <DATA_SOURCE_DATE>09/13/2017</DATA_SOURCE_DATE>
12        <WHY_IMPORTANT>Substance abuse among youth remains a major public health problem. Substance use and abuse can increase the risk for injuries, violence, HIV infection, and other diseases (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention,</WHY_IMPORTANT>
13        <OTHER_OBJECTIVE_DESCRIPTION>Substance Abuse Epidemiology Report Indicator</OTHER_OBJECTIVE_DESCRIPTION>
14        <ORG_UNIT_NAME>AlcoholEpi</ORG_UNIT_NAME>
15        <OWNER_USER_ID>Laura.Tomedi</OWNER_USER_ID>
17        <STATUS_DATE>09/28/2018</STATUS_DATE>
18        <SORT_ORDER>1</SORT_ORDER>
20        <MODIFIED_DATE>09/28/2018</MODIFIED_DATE>
21        <MODIFIED_DESCRIPTION>Status changed by: lois.haggard</MODIFIED_DESCRIPTION>
22        <PUBLISHED_DATE>09/28/2018</PUBLISHED_DATE>
24                <MODIFIED_DATE/>
26        <DATA_SOURCES/>
27        <RELATIONS/>
29                <INDICATOR_VIEW>
30                        <NAME>DrugUseYouthCocaine.Year.NM_US</NAME>
31                        <TITLE>Youth Current Cocaine Use, Grades 9-12</TITLE>
32                        <SUB_TITLE>by Year, New Mexico and U.S.,</SUB_TITLE>
33                        <PERIOD_TITLE>2003-2015</PERIOD_TITLE>
34                        <Y_TITLE>Percentage that Used Cocaine</Y_TITLE>
35                </INDICATOR_VIEW>
36                <INDICATOR_VIEW>
37                        <NAME>DrugUseYouthCocaine.Grade.SexRacEth</NAME>
38                        <TITLE>Youth Current Cocaine Use, Grades 9-12</TITLE>
39                        <SUB_TITLE>by Grade, Sex, and Race/Ethnicity, New Mexico,</SUB_TITLE>
40                        <PERIOD_TITLE>2015</PERIOD_TITLE>
41                        <Y_TITLE>Percentage that Used Cocaine</Y_TITLE>
42                </INDICATOR_VIEW>
43                <INDICATOR_VIEW>
44                        <NAME>DrugUseYouthCocaine.Resiliency</NAME>
45                        <TITLE>Youth Current Cocaine Use, Grades 9-12</TITLE>
46                        <SUB_TITLE>by Resiliency Factors, New Mexico,</SUB_TITLE>
47                        <PERIOD_TITLE>2011</PERIOD_TITLE>
48                        <Y_TITLE>Percentage that Used Cocaine</Y_TITLE>
49                </INDICATOR_VIEW>
50                <INDICATOR_VIEW>
51                        <NAME>DrugUseYouthCocaine.Cnty</NAME>
52                        <TITLE>Youth Current Cocaine Use, Grades 9-12</TITLE>
53                        <SUB_TITLE>by County, New Mexico,</SUB_TITLE>
54                        <PERIOD_TITLE>2015</PERIOD_TITLE>
55                        <Y_TITLE>Percentage that Used Cocaine</Y_TITLE>
56                </INDICATOR_VIEW>
57        </INDICATOR_VIEWS>
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