source: main/adopters/nm-epht/trunk/src/main/webapps/nmepht-content/xml @ 24389

Name Size Rev Age Author Last Change
files 24140   9 months LoisHaggard_STG nmepht-content fixed issue with query module report for wateranalytes.
html_content 24389   8 months GarthBraithwaite_STG nm epht content - changed ibis:hash to standard href="# to use …
metadata 24141   9 months LoisHaggard_STG nmepht-content Removing "Old metadata" folder, files from 2016.
query 24386   8 months LoisHaggard_STG NM mmepht-content birth and inf mort query titles and index links
secure 23383   13 months LoisHaggard_NM nmepht-content secure cancer changed cfg file to secure version
selections 23365   13 months LoisHaggard_NM nmepht-content changing lead selections from view confirmed elevated …
text 17940   4 years LoisHaggard_NM NM epht-view-content xml/text folder for epht
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