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5        <TEXT>New Mexico Race/Ethnicity Coding</TEXT>
6        <TEXT>Starting in 2000, the New Mexico Department of Health developed recommendations
7                for standard categories for the presentation of data by race and Hispanic ethnicity.</TEXT>
8        <TEXT>For purposes of presentation, race and ethnicity will be presented together using the
9                following five major categories and labels:</TEXT>
10        <TEXT>American Indian or Alaska Native</TEXT>
11        <TEXT>Asian or Pacific Islander</TEXT>
12        <TEXT>Black or African American</TEXT>
13        <TEXT>Hispanic</TEXT>
14        <TEXT>White</TEXT>
15        <TEXT>The Hispanic category includes no other races but White. The White category may be interpreted as
16        "White, non-Hispanic." And the non-White race categories include both Hispanic and non-Hispanic persons.</TEXT>
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