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3<!--updated Dec 22, 2011-->
5        <NAME>PopProj</NAME>
6        <TEXT>
7                POPULATION ESTIMATES: Population estimate totals may vary due to rounding.  These
8                estimates are considered the most accurate estimates for the state of New Mexico
9                and should match those found on the Bureau of Business and Economic Development
10                website:
11        </TEXT>
12        <TEXT>
13                2000-2010 county intercensal population estimates were re-calculated after the release of the
14                2010 census, so they will not match earlier 2000 post-censal estimates from UNM BBER.
15        </TEXT>
16        <TEXT>
17                For the period 1990-1999, the population estimates consist of the NCHS population estimates
18                that had previously been in use on IBIS, and should match those found on the NCHS website:
20        </TEXT>
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