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3<!--updated June 13, 2013-->
5        <NAME>PopProj</NAME>
6        <TEXT>
7                POPULATION ESTIMATES: Population estimate totals may vary due to rounding. Census
8                Tract population estimates were summed to produce County and Small Area population
9                estimates. These estimates are considered the most accurate estimates for the state
10                of New Mexico and should match those found on the University of New Mexico Geospatial
11                and Population Studies website.
12        </TEXT>
13        <TEXT>
14                1990-2010 population estimates were re-calculated after the release of the
15                2010 census and do not match earlier 2000 post-censal estimates from UNM BBER.
16                {{style color:red Rates
17                calculated with the new population estimates are NOT COMPARABLE to rate calculated
18                with the earlier estimates. Any trend lines that include years 1990-2010 must be
19                recalculated.
20                }}
21        </TEXT>
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