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3<!--updated December 16, 2005, fix typo-->
5        <NAME>CenBurPop</NAME>
6        <TEXT>Due to the complexities associated with the production of detailed characteristics estimates at the state and county levels,
7        the values of the estimates at lower levels of geography may not necessarily sum to estimates at higher levels of geography.</TEXT>
8        <TEXT>The data source for these estimates is different from the data source used in the Small Area and Statewide measures. Since
9        a different model was used for estimating the population the numbers in these Race/Ethnicity measures will not match the numbers
10        for the other population measures.
11        </TEXT>
12        <TEXT>As population estimates by race and ethnicity are released each year by the U.S.
13        Census Bureau, estimates released in previous years may be updated. 
14        For more information on the Census Bureau's methodology, please see
16        </TEXT>
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