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5        <TITLE>Announcements</TITLE>
6        <CONTENT>
7                Come to this page to learn about upcoming private well water fairs, biomonitoring
8                opportunities, environmental health events and announcements.
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10                        <TITLE>Water Fairs</TITLE>
11                        <CONTENT>
12                                Private wells owners in New Mexico have the chance to get their drinking water tested
13                                for free! The 2017 Private Well Water Testing series begins in March. We had an excellent
14                                turnout in 2016 from New Mexicans who took advantage of the free public health opportunity.
15                                Let's top that in 2017! See the schedule and learn more about the program
16                                <a ibis:href="environment/water/private_wells/TestFairs.html">here.</a>
17                        </CONTENT>
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20                        <TITLE>Biomonitoring</TITLE>
21                        <CONTENT>
22                                Biomonitoring results packets have been sent to participants of the
23                                Farmington/San Juan County project. We thank all the participants for taking part in
24                                this biomonitoring assessment.
25                                <br/><br/>
26                                Check <a ibis:href="environment/water/private_wells/Assessment.html">here.</a> often to
27                                learn about biomonitoring opportunities that may be happening in your community soon.
28                                <br/><br/>
29                                What is biomonitoring? Find out <a ibis:href="environment/Biomonitoring.html">here.</a>
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33                        <TITLE>Health Campaigns and Observances </TITLE>
34                        <CONTENT>
35                        <br/>
36                                <span class="Bold">National Public Health Week 2017</span>
37                                <br/><br/>
38                                 <img ibis:src="view/image/newsroom/newstrack/NationalPublicHealthWeek.png" style="float:left; width: 25%; margin:0px 10px 5px 5px;" title="National Public Health Week"/> 
39                                <!--<img ibis:src="view/image/newsroom/newstrack/NationalPublicHealthWeek.png" style=" width: 30%; margin:2px 2px 2px 2px;" title="National Public Health Week"/>
40                                <br/> -->
41                                The New Mexico Department of Health is celebrating National Public Health Week 2017 on by
42                                recognizing the work of the Department of Health employees and New Mexico's public health
43                                workforce.  Our theme, We Are Public Health, aims to showcase the work we do daily to impact
44                                the health of New Mexicans.  We are celebrating the power of prevention, advocating for
45                                healthy and fair policies, sharing strategies for successful partnerships and championing
46                                the role of a strong public health system, including environmental health.  New Mexico's
47                                governor has proclaimed April 3-7 as New Mexico Public Health Week coinciding with the national campaign.
48                                See our posts on <a href="">Facebook.</a> #NPHW #NMEPHT
49                                #EnvironmentalHealth #Tracking
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51                                <br/><br/><br/>
52                                <span class="Bold">Southwest Wildfire Awareness Week</span>
53                                <br/><br/>
54                                Are you ready for wildfire season? During Southwest Wildfire Awareness Week, we encourage
55                                community, school, event and sports leaders to learn what to do if the smoke from a fire
56                                is lingering near your activities. NM EPHT provides a Communications and Safety Decision
57                                Making Toolkit for Schools, Public Health Local Governments, Event or Recreation Organizers
58                                and Sports Coaches.  Access the toolkit <a ibis:href="environment/air/FireAndSmoke.html">here.</a>
59                        </CONTENT>
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62                        <TITLE>Conferences, Learning, and Training </TITLE>
63                        <CONTENT>
65                                <img ibis:src="view/image/newsroom/newstrack/EPHTVirtualConference.png" style="width: 90%;margin:auto; display: block; padding-top: 8px;" title="Environmental Public Healh Tracking Virtual Conference"/>
67                                <br/><br/>
68                                <a href=";id=6252b0e872&amp;e=46e570f424">The 2017 Environmental Public Health Tracking Virtual Conference </a>  is on April 5-6, 2017. The National Association of Chronic
69                                Disease Directors (NACDD) has partnered with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
70                                (CDC)/Environmental Health Tracking Branch (Tracking Branch) to bring you this free virtual
71                                conference. The conference focuses on the environment's role in chronic diseases and highlights
72                                opportunities for the chronic disease community and the Tracking Network. Conference features
73                                include: virtual conference sessions and breakouts; exhibit halls; poster sessions; and even a virtual fitness challenge.
74                                <br/><br/>
75                                <a href="">Click here to register.</a> 
76                                <br/><br/>
77                                <a href=";id=472029">Click here to learn more.</a>
78                        </CONTENT>
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80        </CONTENT>
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