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3<INDICATOR name="MaternalRaceEth">
4        <NAME>MaternalRaceEth</NAME>
5        <DESCRIPTION>birth, race, ethnicity</DESCRIPTION>
7        <TITLE>Maternal Race/Ethnicity</TITLE>
8        <DEFINITION>Maternal race/ethnicity is the combination of mother's race and ethnicity recorded on a Certificate of Live Birth.</DEFINITION>
9        <NUMERATOR>Number of maternal race/ethnicity-specific live births</NUMERATOR>
10        <DENOMINATOR>Total number of live births</DENOMINATOR>
11        <DATA_NOTE>2017 data are preliminary and based on nearly 100% of registered births occurring in calendar year 2017, which were received and processed as of October 2, 2018.</DATA_NOTE>
12        <DATA_SOURCE_DATE>12/21/2018</DATA_SOURCE_DATE>
13        <WHY_IMPORTANT>Many birth outcomes vary considerably by maternal race/ethnicity and are addressed in their respective indicator profiles.</WHY_IMPORTANT>
14        <HOW_DOING>Prior to 2010, the New York City Department of Health did not provide the New Jersey Department of Health with race and ethnicity data for the more than 3,000 births of New Jersey residents that occur in that city each year.  With this change, the overall proportion of records with missing race and ethnicity declined from 3-4% in 2009 to virtually 0% in 2010.  The additional information also created an artificial increase in the proportion of births to mothers of each racial/ethnic group.</HOW_DOING>
15        <RESOURCES_REFERENCES_LINKS>Driscoll AK. [ Asian-American mothers: Demographic characteristics by maternal place of birth and Asian subgroup, 2016]. National Vital Statistics Reports; vol 67 no 2. Hyattsville, MD: National Center for Health  Statistics. 2018.</RESOURCES_REFERENCES_LINKS>
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19        <STATUS_DATE>12/27/2018</STATUS_DATE>
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31        <DATA_SOURCES/>
32        <RELATIONS>
33                <RELATION name="PopChar">
34                        <NAME>PopChar</NAME>
35                        <TITLE>Relevant Population Characteristics</TITLE>
36                        <TEXT>Most indicator profiles in the Birth and Infant Health section show data by maternal race/ethnicity.  Those data are available in the Other Views section of an indicator profile.</TEXT>
37                </RELATION>
38        </RELATIONS>
40                <INDICATOR_VIEW>
41                        <NAME>MaternalRaceEth.Pie</NAME>
42                        <TITLE>Maternal Race/Ethnicity</TITLE>
43                        <SUB_TITLE>Distribution, New Jersey,</SUB_TITLE>
44                        <PERIOD_TITLE>2017</PERIOD_TITLE>
45                        <Y_TITLE>Percentage of Live Births</Y_TITLE>
46                </INDICATOR_VIEW>
47                <INDICATOR_VIEW>
48                        <NAME>MaternalRaceEth.Trend</NAME>
49                        <TITLE>Maternal Race/Ethnicity,</TITLE>
50                        <SUB_TITLE>New Jersey,</SUB_TITLE>
51                        <PERIOD_TITLE>1990-2017</PERIOD_TITLE>
52                        <Y_TITLE>Percentage of Live Births</Y_TITLE>
53                </INDICATOR_VIEW>
54                <INDICATOR_VIEW>
55                        <NAME>MaternalRaceEth.Hispanic</NAME>
56                        <TITLE>Maternal Ethnicity</TITLE>
57                        <SUB_TITLE>by Hispanic Subgroup, New Jersey,</SUB_TITLE>
58                        <PERIOD_TITLE>2017</PERIOD_TITLE>
59                        <Y_TITLE>Percentage of Live Births to Hispanic Mothers</Y_TITLE>
60                </INDICATOR_VIEW>
61                <INDICATOR_VIEW>
62                        <NAME>MaternalRaceEth.Asian</NAME>
63                        <TITLE>Maternal Race</TITLE>
64                        <SUB_TITLE>by Asian/PI Subgroup, New Jersey,</SUB_TITLE>
65                        <PERIOD_TITLE>2017</PERIOD_TITLE>
66                        <Y_TITLE>Percentage of Live Births to Asian and Pacific Islander Mothers</Y_TITLE>
67                </INDICATOR_VIEW>
68        </INDICATOR_VIEWS>
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