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4        <NAME>HAI</NAME>
7        <TITLE>Health Care-Associated Infections</TITLE>
8        <DEFINITION>Infections that are acquired in a health care setting, as measured by a standardized infection ratio (SIR)</DEFINITION>
9        <NUMERATOR>Total number of "observed" or actual infections</NUMERATOR>
10        <DENOMINATOR>Total number of "expected" infections (derived from the national baseline)</DENOMINATOR>
11        <DATA_ISSUES>A standardized infection ratio (SIR) lower than 1.0 means the actual number is lower than expected.[[br]]
12A standardized infection ratio (SIR) higher than 1.0 means the actual number is greater than expected.</DATA_ISSUES>
13        <DATA_SOURCE_DATE>08/14/2018</DATA_SOURCE_DATE>
14        <WHY_IMPORTANT>Healthcare-associated infections are among the top causes of unnecessary illnesses and deaths in the United States.[ ^1^]</WHY_IMPORTANT>
16        <OTHER_OBJECTIVE_DESCRIPTION>'''Revised Healthy New Jersey 2020 Objectives:'''
17*'''HAI-1''': Reduce central line blood related infections (CLASBI) to 0.49 SIR.
18*'''HAI-2''': Reduce catheter associated urinary tract infections (CAUTI) to 0.74 SIR.
19*'''HAI-3''': Reduce colon surgical site infections to 0.69 SIR.
20*'''HAI-4''': Reduce coronary artery bypass grafts (CABGs) surgical site infections to 0.74 SIR.
21*'''HAI-5''': Reduce abdominal hysterectomies surgical site infections to 0.70 SIR.
22*'''HAI-6''': Reduce knee arthroplasties surgical site infections to 0.70 SIR.
23All objectives and data are for hospitals only.  Ambulatory surgery centers are not included.</OTHER_OBJECTIVE_DESCRIPTION>
24        <WHAT_DOING>Reducing preventable HAIs is a priority for the Department of Health and under state law, New Jersey hospitals are required to submit data on healthcare-associated infections to the Department. The Department is required to review and analyze the data, and report the results in New Jersey's annual Hospital Performance Report.[ ^2^]</WHAT_DOING>
25        <SERVICES_AVAILABLE_TO_PUBLIC>Health care quality information for patients and their families: []</SERVICES_AVAILABLE_TO_PUBLIC>
26        <RESOURCES_REFERENCES_LINKS>1. [ Healthcare-Associated Infections]
282. [ Report Healthcare-Associated Infections (HAIs)]
30NJDOH Hospital Quality Reports: []
32CDC's National Healthcare Safety Network (NHSN):  []</RESOURCES_REFERENCES_LINKS>
34        <OWNER_USER_ID>mbaron</OWNER_USER_ID>
36        <STATUS_DATE>08/15/2018</STATUS_DATE>
37        <NOTE>MLB
38reviewed by Letitia Holloway-Owens 11/25/14
39updated data added 5/5-6/15
402013-14 data added 3/15/16
418/15/16 Abate said no to publishing the 3 ASC views.
428/14/18 Scrapped CDiff and MRSA for lack of data.  Added colon SSI.</NOTE>
43        <SORT_ORDER>300</SORT_ORDER>
45        <MODIFIED_DATE>08/15/2018</MODIFIED_DATE>
46        <MODIFIED_DESCRIPTION>Status changed by: mbaron</MODIFIED_DESCRIPTION>
47        <PUBLISHED_DATE>08/17/2018</PUBLISHED_DATE>
49                <NAME>HAI-1</NAME>
50                <TITLE>Reduce central line-associated bloodstream infections (CLABSI)</TITLE>
53                <DESCRIPTION>Reduce central line-associated bloodstream infections (CLABSI)</DESCRIPTION>
54                <US_TARGET>0.25 SIR or 75 percent reduction</US_TARGET>
55                <STATE_TARGET>0.49 SIR</STATE_TARGET>
56                <SORT_ORDER>515</SORT_ORDER>
57                <MODIFIED_DATE>08/14/2018</MODIFIED_DATE>
58                <ACTIVE_FLAG>x</ACTIVE_FLAG>
60        <DATA_SOURCES/>
61        <RELATIONS/>
63                <INDICATOR_VIEW>
64                        <NAME>HAI.CLASBI</NAME>
65                        <TITLE>Standardized Infection Ratio for</TITLE>
66                        <SUB_TITLE>Central Line Blood Related Infections (CLASBI), New Jersey Hospitals,</SUB_TITLE>
67                        <PERIOD_TITLE>2010-2015</PERIOD_TITLE>
68                        <Y_TITLE>Standardized Infection Ratio</Y_TITLE>
69                </INDICATOR_VIEW>
70                <INDICATOR_VIEW>
71                        <NAME>HAI.CAUTI</NAME>
72                        <TITLE>Standardized Infection Ratio for</TITLE>
73                        <SUB_TITLE>Catheter Associated Urinary Tract Infections (CAUTI), New Jersey Hospitals,</SUB_TITLE>
74                        <PERIOD_TITLE>2010-2015</PERIOD_TITLE>
75                        <Y_TITLE>Standardized Infection Ratio</Y_TITLE>
76                </INDICATOR_VIEW>
77                <INDICATOR_VIEW>
78                        <NAME>HAI.Colon</NAME>
79                        <TITLE>Standardized Infection Ratio for</TITLE>
80                        <SUB_TITLE>Colon Surgical Site Infections, New Jersey Hospitals,</SUB_TITLE>
81                        <PERIOD_TITLE>2012-2015</PERIOD_TITLE>
82                        <Y_TITLE>Standardized Infection Ratio</Y_TITLE>
83                </INDICATOR_VIEW>
84                <INDICATOR_VIEW>
85                        <NAME>HAI.CABG</NAME>
86                        <TITLE>Standardized Infection Ratio for</TITLE>
87                        <SUB_TITLE>Coronary Artery Bypass Graft (CABGs) Surgical Site Infections, New Jersey Hospitals,</SUB_TITLE>
88                        <PERIOD_TITLE>2010-2015</PERIOD_TITLE>
89                        <Y_TITLE>Standardized Infection Ratio</Y_TITLE>
90                </INDICATOR_VIEW>
91                <INDICATOR_VIEW>
92                        <NAME>HAI.Hyst</NAME>
93                        <TITLE>Standardized Infection Ratio for</TITLE>
94                        <SUB_TITLE>Abdominal Hysterectomy Surgical Site Infections, New Jersey Hospitals,</SUB_TITLE>
95                        <PERIOD_TITLE>2010-2015</PERIOD_TITLE>
96                        <Y_TITLE>Standardized Infection Ratio</Y_TITLE>
97                </INDICATOR_VIEW>
98                <INDICATOR_VIEW>
99                        <NAME>HAI.KneeHosp</NAME>
100                        <TITLE>Standardized Infection Ratio for</TITLE>
101                        <SUB_TITLE>Knee Arthroplasty Surgical Site Infections, New Jersey Hospitals,</SUB_TITLE>
102                        <PERIOD_TITLE>2010-2015</PERIOD_TITLE>
103                        <Y_TITLE>Standardized Infection Ratio</Y_TITLE>
104                </INDICATOR_VIEW>
105        </INDICATOR_VIEWS>
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