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3<INDICATOR name="Butadiene">
4        <NAME>Butadiene</NAME>
5        <DESCRIPTION>1,3-butadiene, butadiene</DESCRIPTION>
7        <TITLE>1,3-Butadiene in Outdoor Air</TITLE>
8        <DEFINITION>Mean of modeled annual average 1,3-butadiene concentration for census tracts in a county, using 2014 NATA data</DEFINITION>
9        <NUMERATOR>Modeled mean 1,3-butadiene concentration in micrograms per cubic meter</NUMERATOR>
11        <DATA_NOTE>Data Source: USEPA National-scale Air Toxics Assessment (NATA), 2014 and NJDEP Division of Air Quality</DATA_NOTE>
12        <DATA_SOURCE_DATE>10/29/2018</DATA_SOURCE_DATE>
13        <WHY_IMPORTANT>1,3-Butadiene is a volatile chemical with a gasoline-like odor.  It is used in the production of rubber and plastics, and is also a byproduct of incomplete combustion. Motor vehicle exhaust is the largest source of butadiene in New Jersey air.
15Inhaling high concentrations of 1,3-butadiene for prolonged periods can cause central nervous system damage and the risk of heart disease and cancer.  At concentrations in air likely to be encountered in New Jersey, 1,3-butadiene may irritate the eyes, nose, and throat.  1,3-Butadiene is a known human carcinogen.</WHY_IMPORTANT>
16        <HOW_DOING>Several New Jersey counties exceed the health benchmark of 0.033 micrograms of 1,3-butadiene per cubic meter of air.  The highest ambient air concentrations can be found in the northeast counties of Bergen, Essex, Hudson, Passaic, Union.</HOW_DOING>
17        <WHAT_DOING>Like carbon monoxide, 1,3-butadiene is a product of incomplete combustion, and its presence in automobile exhaust is controlled to some degree by catalytic converters.  Industrial facilities that emit this chemical must obtain permits from the NJDEP Air Program and are also subject to state and federal air pollution control technology requirements.</WHAT_DOING>
18        <SERVICES_AVAILABLE_TO_PUBLIC>To view select air quality data collected at outdoor monitors across the United States go to:
21New Jersey County historic Risk Ratio tables can be found at the following URL:
23        <RESOURCES_REFERENCES_LINKS>The USEPA Integrated Risk Information System provides more detailed information about butadiene and research studies on its health effects at the following URL:
26New Jersey Statewide Average 2005 NATA Modeled Air Concentrations and comparisons to health benchmarks can be found at:
29Pollution Prevention and Community Right to Know:
32        <OWNER_USER_ID>ropiekun</OWNER_USER_ID>
34        <STATUS_DATE>12/18/2018</STATUS_DATE>
35        <NOTE>3/14/12-removed 1999 and 2002 NATA data from view (data still in admin module) and replaced with 2005 NATA; map taken down to be replaced with 2005 map
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399/29/09 - map view added by REO
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413/10/11 - old map removed, waiting for new map for 2002
433/16/16 - updated with 2011 NATA data (REO)
4411/15/16 - REO updated links and references
458/23/17 BDG, replaced static map with interactive map
4610/29/2018 - REO updated with 2014 NATA data
4712/12/18 - As per Francis Steitz and the NJDEP air team, the EPHT HAP indicators using the latest NATA data compliment the efforts of NJDEP's air program.  REO was informed that we are free to publish these most recent data on the NJ Tracking portal.</NOTE>
48        <SORT_ORDER>400</SORT_ORDER>
50        <MODIFIED_DATE>12/18/2018</MODIFIED_DATE>
51        <MODIFIED_DESCRIPTION>Status changed by: bgoun</MODIFIED_DESCRIPTION>
52        <PUBLISHED_DATE>12/18/2018</PUBLISHED_DATE>
54                <MODIFIED_DATE></MODIFIED_DATE>
56        <DATA_SOURCES/>
57        <RELATIONS>
58                <RELATION name="PopChar">
59                        <NAME>PopChar</NAME>
60                        <TITLE>Relevant Population Characteristics</TITLE>
61                        <TEXT></TEXT>
62                        <RELATED_INDICATORS>
63                                <RELATED_INDICATOR>
64                                        <NAME>Acetaldehyde</NAME>
65                                        <TITLE>Acetaldehyde in Outdoor Air</TITLE>
66                                        <DEFAULT_INDICATOR_VIEW_NAME>median_air_conc</DEFAULT_INDICATOR_VIEW_NAME>
67                                </RELATED_INDICATOR>
68                                <RELATED_INDICATOR>
69                                        <NAME>Acrolein</NAME>
70                                        <TITLE>Acrolein in Outdoor Air</TITLE>
71                                        <DEFAULT_INDICATOR_VIEW_NAME>med_air_conc</DEFAULT_INDICATOR_VIEW_NAME>
72                                </RELATED_INDICATOR>
73                                <RELATED_INDICATOR>
74                                        <NAME>Benzene</NAME>
75                                        <TITLE>Benzene in Outdoor Air</TITLE>
76                                        <DEFAULT_INDICATOR_VIEW_NAME>cntybenz</DEFAULT_INDICATOR_VIEW_NAME>
77                                </RELATED_INDICATOR>
78                                <RELATED_INDICATOR>
79                                        <NAME>chloroform</NAME>
80                                        <TITLE>Chloroform in Outdoor Air</TITLE>
81                                        <DEFAULT_INDICATOR_VIEW_NAME>chloroform_cnty</DEFAULT_INDICATOR_VIEW_NAME>
82                                </RELATED_INDICATOR>
83                                <RELATED_INDICATOR>
84                                        <NAME>chromium</NAME>
85                                        <TITLE>Chromium(VI) in Outdoor Air</TITLE>
86                                        <DEFAULT_INDICATOR_VIEW_NAME>ChromVICnty</DEFAULT_INDICATOR_VIEW_NAME>
87                                </RELATED_INDICATOR>
88                                <RELATED_INDICATOR>
89                                        <NAME>DieselPM</NAME>
90                                        <TITLE>Diesel Particulate Matter in Outdoor Air</TITLE>
91                                        <DEFAULT_INDICATOR_VIEW_NAME>DieselCnty</DEFAULT_INDICATOR_VIEW_NAME>
92                                </RELATED_INDICATOR>
93                                <RELATED_INDICATOR>
94                                        <NAME>Formaldehyde</NAME>
95                                        <TITLE>Formaldehyde in Outdoor Air</TITLE>
96                                        <DEFAULT_INDICATOR_VIEW_NAME>FormCnty</DEFAULT_INDICATOR_VIEW_NAME>
97                                </RELATED_INDICATOR>
98                                <RELATED_INDICATOR>
99                                        <NAME>Naphthalene</NAME>
100                                        <TITLE>Naphthalene in Outdoor Air</TITLE>
101                                        <DEFAULT_INDICATOR_VIEW_NAME>Naphthalene.Cnty</DEFAULT_INDICATOR_VIEW_NAME>
102                                </RELATED_INDICATOR>
103                                <RELATED_INDICATOR>
104                                        <NAME>NJEPHTPM25</NAME>
105                                        <TITLE>Fine Particulate Matter (PM2.5) in Outdoor Air</TITLE>
106                                        <DEFAULT_INDICATOR_VIEW_NAME>NJEPHTAIR.PM25viol</DEFAULT_INDICATOR_VIEW_NAME>
107                                </RELATED_INDICATOR>
108                                <RELATED_INDICATOR>
109                                        <NAME>Perc</NAME>
110                                        <TITLE>Perchloroethylene in Outdoor Air</TITLE>
111                                        <DEFAULT_INDICATOR_VIEW_NAME>Perc.Cnty</DEFAULT_INDICATOR_VIEW_NAME>
112                                </RELATED_INDICATOR>
113                        </RELATED_INDICATORS>
114                </RELATION>
115        </RELATIONS>
116        <INDICATOR_VIEWS>
117                <INDICATOR_VIEW>
118                        <NAME>cnty_buta</NAME>
119                        <TITLE>1,3-Butadiene in Outdoor Air,</TITLE>
120                        <SUB_TITLE>by New Jersey County,</SUB_TITLE>
121                        <PERIOD_TITLE>NATA 2014</PERIOD_TITLE>
122                        <Y_TITLE>Mean Concentration (ug/m3)</Y_TITLE>
123                </INDICATOR_VIEW>
124                <INDICATOR_VIEW>
125                        <NAME>SourcesBut</NAME>
126                        <TITLE>Source Contribution Estimates,</TITLE>
127                        <SUB_TITLE>Percent by Source, Statewide for New Jersey,</SUB_TITLE>
128                        <PERIOD_TITLE>2014 NATA</PERIOD_TITLE>
129                        <Y_TITLE>Percent of Butadiene by Source</Y_TITLE>
130                </INDICATOR_VIEW>
131        </INDICATOR_VIEWS>
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