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1<?xml version="1.0" encoding="ISO-8859-1"?>
3<OVERVIEW xmlns:ibis="">
4        <TEXT>
5                <ul>
6                        <li><new>THE DATA IN THIS QUERY MODULE ARE NOT FINALIZED.</new> All counts shown are subject to change and should only be used for public health surveillance purposes, not research. Some records may have invalid or out-of-range values that still need correction.</li>
7                        <li>The total death count for a given date is mostly complete about a week after that date. However, <b>cause of death coding</b> takes <i>at least</i> a week and sometimes longer than a month for some records, therefore the most recent deaths have blank causes of death.</li>
8                        <li>The module will be updated at least weekly. The date the dataset was last updated will show in the <b>Query Date Time Stamp</b> below the Data Table after a query is submitted.</li>
9                        <li>Some but not all deaths of NJ residents that occurred out of state are included.</li>
10                        <li><a ibis:href="view/sharedstatic/ProvisionalDeathDataNotes.pdf" class="Bold" target="_blank">All caveats for provisional death data</a> and <a ibis:href="query/DeathQueryTechNotes.html" class="Bold">Mortality dataset help and documentation</a></li>
11                        <li><b>VIDEO: </b><a href="" class="Bold" target="_blank">How the NJ Department of Health Counts Deaths Associated With COVID-19</a></li>
12                        <li><a href="" class="Bold" target="_blank">Understanding the Numbers and Death Certificate Data</a> (goes to CDC website)</li>
13                        <li><a href="" class="Bold">Excess deaths, average daily death count, leading causes of death, and more COVID-related mortality statistics and reports</a></li>
14                </ul>
15        </TEXT>
18                        <!--
19                        <li>Select a measure from those listed below. Click its text link to go to the corresponding query builder page.</li>
20                        <li>The 2019 file contains some, but not all, deaths of NJ residents that occurred out of state.  The 2020 file contains <b>no</b> deaths of NJ residents that occurred out of state.</li>
21                        <li>Deaths that occur in NJ must be registered with the State Registrar's Office within 24 hours. However, not all items on the record need to be completed in that time frame. Therefore, the overall count of in-state deaths should be accurate within two days of the file date, but some fields remain blank longer. In particular, cause of death <i>coding</i> takes <b>at least</b> a week, therefore the most recent deaths have blank causes of death.</li>
22                        <li><a href="" class="Bold" target="_blank">Understanding the Numbers: Provisional Death Counts and COVID-19</a></li>
23                        -->
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