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4        <NAME>HAI</NAME>
7        <TITLE>Health Care-Associated Infections</TITLE>
8        <DEFINITION>Infections that are acquired in a health care setting, as measured by a standardized infection ratio (SIR)</DEFINITION>
9        <NUMERATOR>Total number of "observed" or actual infections</NUMERATOR>
10        <DENOMINATOR>Total number of "expected" infections (derived from the national baseline)</DENOMINATOR>
11        <DATA_NOTE>A standardized infection ratio (SIR) lower than 1.0 means the actual number is lower than expected.[[br]]
12A standardized infection ratio (SIR) higher than 1.0 means the actual number is greater than expected.[[br]]
13New baselines were calculated by CDC in 2015. As a result, SIRs for 2016 and subsequent years may be higher than those for 2010-2015.[[br]]
14Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, acute care hospitals were only required to submit data during the second half of 2020.</DATA_NOTE>
15        <DATA_SOURCE_DATE>05/04/2022</DATA_SOURCE_DATE>
16        <WHY_IMPORTANT>Healthcare-associated infections are among the top causes of unnecessary illnesses and deaths in the United States.[ ^1^]</WHY_IMPORTANT>
18        <OTHER_OBJECTIVE_DESCRIPTION>'''Revised Healthy New Jersey 2020 Objectives:'''
19*'''HAI-1''': Reduce central line blood related infections (CLASBI) to 0.49 SIR.
20*'''HAI-2''': Reduce catheter associated urinary tract infections (CAUTI) to 0.74 SIR.
21*'''HAI-3''': Reduce colon surgical site infections to 0.69 SIR.
22*'''HAI-4''': Reduce coronary artery bypass grafts (CABGs) surgical site infections to 0.74 SIR.
23*'''HAI-5''': Reduce abdominal hysterectomies surgical site infections to 0.70 SIR.
24*'''HAI-6''': Reduce knee arthroplasties surgical site infections to 0.70 SIR.
25All objectives and data are for hospitals only.  Ambulatory surgery centers are not included.</OTHER_OBJECTIVE_DESCRIPTION>
26        <HOW_DOING>The Healthy New Jersey 2020 targets for CAUTI and colon and abdominal hysterectomy surgical site infections were all achieved.  However, the CLASBI and CABG and knee arthroplasty surgical site infection targets were not met.</HOW_DOING>
27        <WHAT_DOING>Reducing preventable HAIs is a priority for the Department of Health and under state law, New Jersey hospitals are required to submit data on healthcare-associated infections to the Department. The Department is required to review and analyze the data, and report the results in New Jersey's annual Hospital Performance Report.[ ^2^]</WHAT_DOING>
28        <SERVICES_AVAILABLE_TO_PUBLIC>Health care quality information for patients and their families: []</SERVICES_AVAILABLE_TO_PUBLIC>
29        <RESOURCES_REFERENCES_LINKS>1. [ Healthcare-Associated Infections]
312. [ Report Healthcare-Associated Infections (HAIs)]
33NJDOH Hospital Quality Reports: []
35CDC's National Healthcare Safety Network (NHSN):  []</RESOURCES_REFERENCES_LINKS>
37        <OWNER_USER_ID>mbaron</OWNER_USER_ID>
39        <STATUS_DATE>05/04/2022</STATUS_DATE>
40        <NOTE>MLB
41reviewed by Letitia Holloway-Owens 11/25/14
42updated data added 5/5-6/15
432013-14 data added 3/15/16
448/15/16 Abate said no to publishing the 3 ASC views.
458/14/18 Scrapped CDiff and MRSA for lack of data.  Added colon SSI.</NOTE>
46        <SORT_ORDER>300</SORT_ORDER>
48        <MODIFIED_DATE>05/04/2022</MODIFIED_DATE>
49        <MODIFIED_DESCRIPTION>Status changed by: mbaron</MODIFIED_DESCRIPTION>
50        <PUBLISHED_DATE>05/04/2022</PUBLISHED_DATE>
52                <NAME>HAI-1</NAME>
53                <TITLE>Reduce central line-associated bloodstream infections (CLABSI)</TITLE>
56                <DESCRIPTION>Reduce central line-associated bloodstream infections (CLABSI)</DESCRIPTION>
57                <US_TARGET>0.25 SIR or 75 percent reduction</US_TARGET>
58                <STATE_TARGET>0.49 SIR</STATE_TARGET>
59                <SORT_ORDER>515</SORT_ORDER>
60                <MODIFIED_DATE>08/14/2018</MODIFIED_DATE>
61                <ACTIVE_FLAG>x</ACTIVE_FLAG>
63        <DATA_SOURCES/>
64        <RELATIONS/>
66                <INDICATOR_VIEW>
67                        <NAME>HAI.CLASBI</NAME>
68                        <TITLE>Standardized Infection Ratio for</TITLE>
69                        <SUB_TITLE>Central Line Blood Related Infections (CLASBI), New Jersey Hospitals,</SUB_TITLE>
70                        <PERIOD_TITLE>2010-2020</PERIOD_TITLE>
71                        <Y_TITLE>Standardized Infection Ratio</Y_TITLE>
72                </INDICATOR_VIEW>
73                <INDICATOR_VIEW>
74                        <NAME>HAI.CAUTI</NAME>
75                        <TITLE>Standardized Infection Ratio for</TITLE>
76                        <SUB_TITLE>Catheter Associated Urinary Tract Infections (CAUTI), New Jersey Hospitals,</SUB_TITLE>
77                        <PERIOD_TITLE>2010-2020</PERIOD_TITLE>
78                        <Y_TITLE>Standardized Infection Ratio</Y_TITLE>
79                </INDICATOR_VIEW>
80                <INDICATOR_VIEW>
81                        <NAME>HAI.Colon</NAME>
82                        <TITLE>Standardized Infection Ratio for</TITLE>
83                        <SUB_TITLE>Colon Surgical Site Infections, New Jersey Hospitals,</SUB_TITLE>
84                        <PERIOD_TITLE>2012-2020</PERIOD_TITLE>
85                        <Y_TITLE>Standardized Infection Ratio</Y_TITLE>
86                </INDICATOR_VIEW>
87                <INDICATOR_VIEW>
88                        <NAME>HAI.CABG</NAME>
89                        <TITLE>Standardized Infection Ratio for</TITLE>
90                        <SUB_TITLE>Coronary Artery Bypass Graft (CABGs) Surgical Site Infections, New Jersey Hospitals,</SUB_TITLE>
91                        <PERIOD_TITLE>2010-2020</PERIOD_TITLE>
92                        <Y_TITLE>Standardized Infection Ratio</Y_TITLE>
93                </INDICATOR_VIEW>
94                <INDICATOR_VIEW>
95                        <NAME>HAI.Hyst</NAME>
96                        <TITLE>Standardized Infection Ratio for</TITLE>
97                        <SUB_TITLE>Abdominal Hysterectomy Surgical Site Infections, New Jersey Hospitals,</SUB_TITLE>
98                        <PERIOD_TITLE>2010-2020</PERIOD_TITLE>
99                        <Y_TITLE>Standardized Infection Ratio</Y_TITLE>
100                </INDICATOR_VIEW>
101                <INDICATOR_VIEW>
102                        <NAME>HAI.KneeHosp</NAME>
103                        <TITLE>Standardized Infection Ratio for</TITLE>
104                        <SUB_TITLE>Knee Arthroplasty Surgical Site Infections, New Jersey Hospitals,</SUB_TITLE>
105                        <PERIOD_TITLE>2010-2020</PERIOD_TITLE>
106                        <Y_TITLE>Standardized Infection Ratio</Y_TITLE>
107                </INDICATOR_VIEW>
108        </INDICATOR_VIEWS>
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