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17                                        <li class="Sticky"><a ibis:href="health/Cancer.html">Cancer</a></li>
18                                        <li class="Sticky"><a ibis:href="health/HeartDisease.html">Heart</a></li>
19                                        <li class="Sticky"><a ibis:href="health/ReproductiveHealth.html">Reproductive</a></li>
20                                        <li class="Sticky"><a ibis:href="health/RespiratoryHealth.html">Respiratory</a></li>
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28                                Health outcomes are a product of our genes, behaviors, and environment. This site focuses on how the environment                 
29                                influences our health here in the Commonwealth of Kentucky. Factors like air pollution or high temperatures can lead to
30                                more heart attacks or asthma exacerbations. Excess exposure to tobacco smoke and radon can increase the likelihood
31                                of developing lung cancer. By providing the data on this site publicly, we hope to be a resource for citizens, students, and local health departments working to create more informed and healthier communities across the commonwealth. To further explore the health outcomes in Kentucky, select one of
32                                the health topics.<br/><br/>
33                        </div>
34                        <div class="RightColumn PictureMenu">                   
35                                <a ibis:href="health/RespiratoryHealth.html"> 
36                                        <img ibis:src="view/image/thumb/resp.jpg" title="click to view the NEPHTN respiatory page"></img></a>
37                                <a ibis:href="health/ReproductiveHealth.html"> 
38                                        <img ibis:src="view/image/thumb/repro.jpg" title="click to view the NEPHTN reproductive page"></img></a>
39                                <a ibis:href="health/HeartDisease.html"> 
40                                        <img ibis:src="view/image/thumb/heart.jpg" title="click to view the NEPHTN heart page"></img></a>
41                                <a ibis:href="health/Cancer.html"> 
42                                        <img ibis:src="view/image/thumb/cancer.jpg" title="click to view the NEPHTN cancer page"></img></a>
43                        </div>
44                </div>
45        </CONTENT>
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