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1<?xml version="1.0" encoding="ISO-8859-1"?>
3<HTML_CONTENT xmlns:ibis="">
5        <TITLE>Environment Topics</TITLE>
6        <HTML_CLASS>HasBelt</HTML_CLASS>
8        <CONTENT>
9                <div class="Belt" style="background-image: url('../view/image/belt/environment.jpg');">
10                        <div class="Selections">
11                                <a name="contextNavigationMenuJumpTo" ibis:href="environment/Introduction.html" class="ContextMenu">Environment</a>
12                                <ul class="HorizontalMenu HorizontalTabList">
13                                        <li class="Sticky"><a ibis:href="environment/AirQuality.html">Air Quality</a></li>
14                                        <li class="Sticky"><a ibis:href="environment/DrinkingWater.html">Drinking Water</a></li>
15                                        <li class="Sticky"><a ibis:href="environment/ClimateWeather.html">Climate Change</a></li>
16                                        <li class="Sticky"><a ibis:href="environment/HealthyHomes.html">Healthy Homes</a></li>
17                                </ul>
18                        </div>
19                </div>
21                <a name="top"/>
22                <div class="ColumnContainer" style="padding: 0 1em 1em 1em;">
23                        <div class="LeftColumn">
24                                The environment is everything around us - the air we breathe, water we drink, the food we eat,
25                                the buildings and communities in which we live, learn, work and play.  Certain elements in the
26                                environment we live or work in can sometimes be dangerous to our health or the health of our
27                                families.  Examples of these environmental hazards are carbon monoxide, lead, and radon
28                                exposure.  The health effects of these hazards vary, ranging from potential death in the case of
29                                carbon monoxide poisoning, to the developmental issues associated with childhood lead
30                                poisoning, or heat stress and stroke due to sun exposure. For more information on how the
31                                environment affects health select a topic to explore.
32                                <br/><br/>
33                        </div>
35                        <div class="RightColumn PictureMenu">                   
36                                <a ibis:href="environment/HealthyHomes.html"> 
37                                        <img ibis:src="image/HH_thumb2.jpg" alt="healthy homes" title="click to view the NEPHTN healthy homes page"/></a>
38                                <a ibis:href="environment/ClimateWeather.html"> 
39                                        <img ibis:src="image/CC_thumb3.jpg" alt="climate weather" title="click to view the NEPHTN climate weather page"/></a>                           
40                                <a ibis:href="environment/DrinkingWater.html"> 
41                                        <img ibis:src="image/WQ_thumb2.jpg" alt="drinking water" title="click to view the NEPHTN drinking water page"/></a>
42                                <a ibis:href="environment/AirQuality.html"> 
43                                        <img ibis:src="image/AQ_thumb2.jpg" alt="air quality" title="click to view the NEPHTN air quality page"/></a>
44                        </div>
45                </div>
47        </CONTENT>
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