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3<HTML_CONTENT xmlns:ibis="">
5        <TITLE>Welcome to Kentucky's Environmental Health Tracking Website</TITLE>
6        <KEYWORDS>Kentucky Environmental Health Indicator Reports Query Data Welcome</KEYWORDS>
7        <DESCRIPTION>Kentucky's Environmental Health Tracking - Welcome Home Page</DESCRIPTION>
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34                <a href="" style="float: right;"> 
35                        <img ibis:src="view/image/national_epht_program_logo.jpg" width="200" alt="NEPHTN logo; click image to visit the NEPHTN homepage at"></img>
36                </a>
38                <div class="WelcomeLink">Welcome to EnviroHealthLink <a ibis:href="about/EnviroHealthLink.html">Learn more...</a></div>
40                <div style="padding: 1em 1em 2em 1em">
41                        The Kentucky Environmental Public Health Tracking (EPHT) Network provides
42                        information and data about how the environment affects human health.
43                        <br/>
44                        Use this website to answer questions about air quality, drinking water,
45                        cancer, and a wide variety of other topics.
47                        <h4 style="padding-top: 0.5em;">At this website you may:</h4>
48                        <ul style="margin-bottom: 7px;">
49                                <li>Explore health and environmental data by topic, county, and year.</li>
50                                <li>Generate custom tables, charts, and maps. </li>
51                                <li>View reports for certain environmental hazards, exposures, and health
52                                        effects in Kentucky.</li>
53                                <li>View trends in data over time.</li>
54                                <li>Find links to national and Kentucky-specific resources on health and
55                                        environmental topics.</li>
56                        </ul>
57                        See the <a ibis:href="about/ContentUsage.html" title="Go to the contents and usage page">Contents and Usage</a>
58                        page for more information.
60                        <h2>About Kentucky Environmental Public Health Tracking</h2>
61                        The Kentucky Environmental Public Health Tracking Network provides a public
62                        web-based application for health and environmental data dissemination.
63                        Kentucky is part of the <a href="" target="_blank">National
64                        Tracking Network</a>, created in partnership with the Centers for Disease
65                        Control and Prevention (CDC) to provide data about environmental hazards,
66                        exposures and health effects. Please see the <a ibis:href="about/FAQs.html">What
67                        is Environmental Public Health Tracking?</a> page for more information.
69                        <h2>Getting Started</h2>
70                        The tabbed navigation menu located toward the top of this page is organized by
71                        the types of content available on this site. Use that navigation menu or the Search bar to find what you are looking for. See the
72                        <a ibis:href="about/ContentUsage.html"
73                                        title="Go to the contents and usage page">Contents and Usage</a>
74                        page for additional explanations about the information available on this site.
76                        <h2>Questions, Concerns, and Feedback</h2>
77                        Please feel free to <a ibis:href="about/ContactInformation.html"
78                         title="Go to the Contact page">contact us</a>
79                                        if you have any questions, concerns, or suggestions. Your feedback is very
80                         valuable to us; it will help us provide a site that meets your data needs.
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86                </div>
87        </CONTENT>
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